CNC Router Engraving Machine for Wood

 CNC Router Engraving Machine for Wood
(Model: PEM-1212)
  Contact: Suki

Our CNC Router is designed with pure Aluminum, which ensures the parallelism, verticality and concentricity and greatly increases the precision and speed of the engine bed. It is applied in cutting of kneading board of large size and making of large-scale relief and label. The size of the machine is calculated and customized according to optimization rules in market Statistics. It covers main sizes of marks and labels in the market. It can cut through Plexiglass with thickness of 20mm one time without trouble and can be applied to large-scale relief, too. It is doubtlessly a perfect product in the range of advertising.
CNC Router Engraving Machine for Wood

Special Features
1) X, Y, Z axis use imported ball bearing guide screws. It's with high precision and fast speed. Even the letters of 1mm can be clearly discernible. The small-power machine uses large-power main axis, it's an ideal product for manufacturing labels, construction models and moulds in batches.
2) Advanced DSP digit-control system, handle operation and large liquid crystal display brings out more convenient operation, simpler maintenance and more human nature on the design of the machine.
3) Steady data transmission. The data transmission uses the technology of ISA/IP DNC/IP straight association, which can associate the machine without interruption, and it has no limitation of the amount of the document.
4) Double-nut guide screw. It uses Germany-imported high-precision ball bearing guide screw which can
eliminate cracks automatically. Coordinated with the imported shaft coupling, it can realize precise control. It uses straight line guide rail (cylinder or square), which can ensure the working life.
5) Large internal memory capacity of 32M is able to store 30 processing files simultaneously and open and process any of them.
6)No dust oiling structure, guarantee the long term running of the mechanical aspect.
7)Break point and break knife continue engraving function, can engrave at any place as you like.
8) High power frequency changing water cooled spindle, can process hard materials efficiently.
9) High Compatibility, CAD/CAM software such as Type 3/ Art Arm/ Castmate/ Proe/ Coreldraw/ Art Cut.
10) Connection with the computer via USB interface enables data to be transmitted in a second, supports hot plug and play, no driver installation required(Window98/NT/2000/XP)
CNC Router Engraving Machine for Wood
CNC Router Engraving Machine for Wood

Technical Parameter:  

Model No.
Working area1200*1200mm
Table materialAluminum Alloy table
Maximum feed height80mm
X,Y,Z Guideway rails typeRound guide rail+ball screw transmission
Max Engraving Speed4,000-7,000mm/min
Resolution ratio0.002mm
Repetition accuracy±0.02mm
Spindle power
2.2kw, 3kw, 4.5kw

Spindle Rotating Speed

6000 - 24,000rpm

Spindle cooling

Water Cooling
Drive motor systemStep Motor and Step Driver
PCI Port or USB Port

Memory buffer (Flash)
Engraving CommandG code, u00, mmg, PLT, HPG
Command language systemEnglish Version, Windows 98/2000/XP Operation System
Operational SoftwareOriginal Type3 Software, ArtCam software or Wentai Software

Software Compatibility

Support CAD/CAM software, PLT format, Corel Draw, Auto CAD
Working temperature0-45°C
Relative humidity30% - 75%
Notice: We can make some adjustion on the price if we know your exact requirements!

CNC Router Engraving Machine for Wood
CNC Router Engraving Machine for Wood

Except for 1200*1800mm, we also manfuacture other working area cnc routers, such as 600*900mm, 1300*2500mm. Any interest, feel free let me know.

Before making best quotes for you, could you answer following questions:
* What's your material?(wood, acrylic, plastic, stone, metal etc)
* What's your material working area?
* Your material thickness?
* Your country port for checking shipping.
* If the price confirmed, when will you place order?

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