Continuous Industrial Rotary Drum Dryers

Product Description

Continuous Industrial Rotary Drum Dryers
Wood chips dryer is widely applicable to straw press block fuel, charcoal machinery, sawdust pellet fuel, sawdust press block, farming and animal husbandry engineering, etc. industry.


When drying wood chips, sawdust, wood shavings, rice bran, wood chips, coconut residue, and other materials, it is necessary to consider a very important issue, that is, the material in the drying process to avoid burning. Our wood chips dryer uses multi-tube indirect drying, and the materials are in indirect contact with hot air, which can effectively solve the problem of material burning.




Inside of the wood chips dryer, there are many tubes. During the drying process, the hot air will enter into the tube-
internal by draught fan, while the materials exist tube-external so that the materials can be dried indirectly, there is no pollution and no color change, also a fire that caused by too high temperature will be avoided successfully.


the stove of wood chips dryer


It consists of 3 sectors of the fire-proof wall, 2 layer brick of every fire-proof wall. Can use coal, wood, diesel, etc. as fuel


Advantage: reasonable design can avoid the open flame. So it runs steadily, safely and has a long use-life.

Lifting of wood chips dryer


1. Multi-tube indirect drying, which can evenly dry materials, and avoids burning or contaminating materials.


2. The lifting can lift the material and push it forward so that the material can be uniformly dried without clumping.


Wood chips, sawdust, vinasse, residues, etc can be dried



1. Internal multi-tube drying principle, good drying effect, no agglomeration and burning

2. Wood chips dryer equipped with biofuels stove, has a high environmental protection effect.

3. Consumption of fuel coal (7000 kcal / kg) 30.96 kg/h, natural gas (8000 kcal / m3) 27.12 m3 / h, diesel (9181 kcal / L) 23.6 L/H. the thermal efficiency can reach 80%.

4. Equipped with a new type of guide plate device, which has the functions of guidance, flow, and material;

5. Can accept ODM, OEM, can lease.
Continuous Industrial Rotary Drum Dryers

Product Parameters




Hot air furnaceInside diameter (mm)150018002000
Gas output(Nm³/h)1200-16001500-21001750-2500
Reduction of moisture(%)40-50
Dryness of finished materials(%)5-10
Heating mediumHot clean air
Hot air temp(ºC)<120


Continuous Industrial Rotary Drum Dryers
Company Profile

Demeter Group is an enterprise of research and development, manufacturing, international trade as a whole, registered capacity is 10 million Yuan, with more than 200 staff. Strong technical force, advanced production technology, perfect after-sales service.
Mainly produce sawdust pellet production line, feed pellet production line, organic fertilizer, and Municipal Solid Waste processing equipment, agricultural equipment, forestry equipment, etc.

Demeter Group is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, is a professional manufacture of drying machines, which include Seaweed processing machine, Seaweed drying machine (Cottonii to carrageenan, Agar-agar ), Spray dryer, Vegetable, and Fruit Belt Dryer, Conveyor Belt Dryer, mesh belt dryer,   Gelatin processing machinery, Gelatin drying machine (Hide and bone), Gelatin production line. we also deal in the high-quality fermentation tank, Bright tank, Extraction tank, concentration tank, evaporator, etc.


We have implemented a strict and complete quality control system, which ensures that each product can meet the quality requirements of customers. Besides, all of our products have been strictly inspected before shipment. Our products conform to international standards, such as CE, SGS.

We are sure that our high-quality products and excellent services will be appreciated by the growing list of satisfied customers. Contacting us is the first step to build a long and successful business relationship with us. Welcome!

Continuous Industrial Rotary Drum Dryers

Our Advantages

1. Can customize products according to customer requirements.
2. 4 standardized production lines, adequate stocking.
3. 15 years of R&D experience.
4. CE, ISO.
5. Resource chain integrity, strong ability to integrate resources.


1. How long can you guarantee your products and their parts? 

AWe promise to repair, change or withdraw our products and their parts for free within a year if there are some quality issues. After one year, we also can provide technical and other supports during the whole life of our products whenever you need them.

2. What is the heat source of your stove?

A: Coal, diesel, natural gas, wood, rice husk,

3. What is the fuel consumption?

A: Consumption of fuel coal (7000 kcal / kg) 30.96 kg/h, natural gas (8000 kcal / m3) 27.12 m3 / h, diesel (9181 kcal / L) 23.6 L/H

Continuous Industrial Rotary Drum Dryers

Our Services

Act as a good adviser and assistant to clients to enable them to get rich and generous returns on their investments.
1. Introduce the product to the customer in detail, answer the question raised by the customer carefully;
2.Make plans for choice according to the needs and special requirements of users in different sectors;

Sale service
1. Ensure product with high quality and pre-commissioning before delivery;
2. Delivery on time;
3.Provide a full set of documents as per customer's requirements.


After-sale service
Provide considerate services to minimize clients' worries.
1.Assist clients to prepare for the first construction scheme;
2.Install and debug the equipment;
3.Train the first-line operators;
4. Examine the equipment;
5.Take the initiative to eliminate the troubles rapidly;
6.Provide technical support;
7.Establish a long-term and friendly relationship.


Service commitment
1. Provide clients one-year warranty to make sure the machine work well;
2.We always keep a certain inventory level of spare parts, which means the replacements can be sent to you timely;
3.Send every client a preferential quotation.  




Special Notice:

           To quote you the right continuous belt dryer/mesh belt dryer/belt dryer machine with the best price, we would like to get the following information include in your inquiry:

  • -What is the raw material?   Material-related characteristic? Does it corrosive, strong basicity, or highly acid? Please confirm.

  • -What is the capacity per hour you need (kg/h)?

  • -What is the initial moisture and final moisture of finished products you require to get?

  • -What about the maximum heat temperature of raw material?

  • -What kind of fuel do you use to heat the dryer? Natural gas, electricity, fuel oil, or steam?

  • -Which equipment material do you like prefer? SUS304, SUS316L, or Carbon steel?

  • -Provide us your country's electricity information, such as phases, voltage, HZ?

  • -How about dust collection requirements?

  • -Other special requirements?

Frequently Asked Questions

                Q: Can I visit your factory?
                A: Yes. Many domestic and international customers visit our factory every year. Our company is in Zhengzhou.


                Q: What to do if the machine has a problem?
                A:24 hours timely response of mail and phone calls. If the parts broken belong to non-artificial factors within 12 months, we offer free replacement. If beyond 12 months, customers should bear the freight back and forth and accessories cost.


                Q: How long is the warranty of your equipment?
                A: Our warranty period is one year generally.


                Q: What is your payment term?
                A: Our usual payment term is: 30% TT in advance, 70% TT before shipment. Other ways can also be received after both sides discuss and agree.


                Q: Does your price include freight?
                A: Our usual price is based on FOBQingdao, if you request CIF, please give us your delivery port, and we will give you the CIF price.

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