Customized Pharmaceutical Production Freeze Dryer System


Product Description



Food industry:

Drying vegetables, meat, fish, condiment instant food and specialty, etc. keeping the food's original fresh look, smell, taste, shape.

The freeze-dried products can regain water completely and can be easily longer stored and less-costly transported.

Customized Pharmaceutical Production Freeze Dryer System



The vacuum freezing and drying technology is currently the most advanced dehydrating processing technology in the world.Compared with the commonly used drying method, the freeze dried food produced by Lyophilizer features long period of quality assurance, good re-hydration nature, good-looking color, good flavor, taste and high content of nutritious components the dried food basically remains unchanged in its volume and shape, looks like sponge and has no shrinking.


Customized Pharmaceutical Production Freeze Dryer System
Chamber: Internally mounted shelves for lyophilization

    The freeze-drying chamber is made according to the require-ments of pharmaceutical grade. The cylinder body is made of304 food grade stainless steel,and the internal mirror ispolished. The finish is ≤ Ra0.8. The exterior is reinforced withstandard channel steel, and the insulation is made of polyisocy-anurate foam + aluminum foil insulation. According to the actualdemand, the chamber door can be selected as a sliding door ora hinged revolving door. The chamber interior door is mirrorpolished, the finish is ≤ Ra0.8,and the external sandblastingtreatment is beautiful.


Shelf: Cooling or heating freeze dryer products

Customized shelves are available according to customerrequirements,with optional aluminum shelves or 304 stain-less steel shelves.The aluminum shelf is made of excellent6063-T6 aluminum alloy. Each aluminum plate is fromedthrough extrusion and drawning, the surface is smooth, andthe heat transfer performance is good.The 304 stainlesssteel plate layer is processed by surface brushed squaresteel profiles,which is smooth and easy to clean andhygienic.

Customized Pharmaceutical Production Freeze Dryer System


Working principle

The vacuum freezing and drying machine is a drying method which can sublime the moisture in hydrous materials from solid state to gas state, under low temperature freezing and vacuum condition, after the materials are subjected to the pre-treatment, so as to remove the moisture and preserve the materials.


Nutrition and health care industry:

Vacuum freeze-dried nurture products such as Royal jelly, ginseng, terrapin, rainworm, etc ,keep the final products are more natural original.


Pharmaceutical industry:

Vacuum freeze-drying can be used in the drying of chinese and western leechdom such as blood serum, blood plasma, bacteria, enzyme, antibiotics, hormone etc.


Biomedicine research:

Vacuum freeze-drying can long-termly store blood, bacteria, artery, bones, skin, cornea, nerve tissue and organs etc which can regain water and rebirth completely.



Producing adiabatic ceramic in space industry; storing of specimens and relic in archaeological industry.

Customized Pharmaceutical Production Freeze Dryer System
Technical parameters


Technical Index

                                           Large-scale production type Lyophilizer

     Lyo-100 m2 

 Lyo-125 m2 Lyo-135m2Lyo-150m2 Lyo-200 m2

Input capacity







Condenser lowest temperature







Maximum Condenser capacity







Final vacuum(Pa)







Total power(kw)







Machine installation area and height

200m2*4500 (H) mm

240m2*4500 (H) mm

240m2*4500 (H) mm


300m2*4500 (H) mm


380m2*4500 (H) mm

7Weight(kg) 35000kg


45000kg 50000kg55000kg


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Customized Pharmaceutical Production Freeze Dryer System


Company Profile

    Shanghai Mahyee Machinery Industrial Group is a technology-oriented professional production enterprise integrating technology R & D, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning and after-sales service, specializing in the engineering design, production and sales of concentrated and non concentrated fruit and vegetable juice/pulp, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, dairy beverage and essential oil extraction. 

    Our company insists on pursuing the ingenuity spirit of "forge ahead, bold innovation and excellence", adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first, reputation first, management-oriented and service-oriented", strives to provide customers with the most cost-effective products and the best service, and is determined to become a leader
in the fruit and vegetable machinery industry.

Customized Pharmaceutical Production Freeze Dryer System

Customized Pharmaceutical Production Freeze Dryer System
Customized Pharmaceutical Production Freeze Dryer System

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Customized Pharmaceutical Production Freeze Dryer System


Customized Pharmaceutical Production Freeze Dryer System


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    We are manufacturer and we have several plants but not only one.

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    Yes, of course. We can customize the production line according to your requirement.

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    It will take 30-90 days for the production. Faster delivery time can be arranged if needed.

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Customized Pharmaceutical Production Freeze Dryer System