Cutting Finishing Reach 0.6um CNC Wire Cutting EDM Machine, Wire Cut EDM Machine

High Precision Panasonic AC Servo Motor Drive CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine  Introduce
You are able to process all the conductive objects, such as complex shape moulds, cam wheels, ship machinery parts , automobile parts, aircraft parts, gears, high precision plate work and all difficult to process tough objects. You can cut plane, bevel, and the top and bottom different shaped work pieces with very big size workpiece. Our Wire Cut EDM machine is of high performance and low cost, and leads the industry in Molybdenum wire cutting machines.AutoCut control system based on Windows XP"C" structure column"T" shape machine bed same with brass WEDM structureSpecial industrial computerLCDJapan Panasonic AC servo motorHiwin linear guidewayHiwin ball screwWater tank filter same with brass WEDM typeAutomatic lubrication and exceed oil collection systemAutomatic wire tension systemHigh rigidity fixture same with brass WEDMBest finish: 0.0007mmPrecision: +-0.0025mmLED working lampSpecial Z device up and downCutting Parameter generate automaticallyWire threading automatically

CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine Specification

Machine sizemm1680×1200×23001810×1350×23002100×1450×24002300×1600×24003240×2700×24003440×2900×2400 
Machine weightkg200025003000380055009000 
Worktable travelmm400×320500×400630×500800×6301000×8001200×1000 
U,V travelmm252525253535 
Z travel(motor drive)mm300300300400500500 
Max taper cutting°/mm6°/80(optional 20°/80)6°/80(optional 20°/80)6°/80(optional 20°/80)6°/80(optional 20°/80)6°/80(optional 20°/80)6°/80(optional 20°/80) 
Wire diametermm0.12-2.00.12-2.00.12-2.00.12-2.00.12-2.00.12-2.0 
Machine powerkw≤2.3≤2.3≤3≤3.5≤3.5≤3.5 
Worktable sizemm660×450720×520880×6001050×6501280×9901490×1200 
Working area sizemm980×5501180×7101310×7951400×9401580×11502000×1460 
Worktable loadingkg50060075080016002000 
Filter precisionum101010101010 
Water tank volumeL707070707070 
Drive model AC Panasonic servo motor and Panasonic driver
Best roughnessumRa≤0.7Ra≤0.7Ra≤0.7Ra≤0.8Ra≤1.0Ra≤1.0 
Max cutting heightmm300300300300300300 
Max cutting speedmm/min≥220≥220≥220≥220≥220≥220 
Wire speed Frequency control
Control system AutoCutAutoCutAutoCutAutoCutAutoCutAutoCut 
Hardware Industrical computer, 32G industrical SSD
Communication interface USB,LAN,RA232
Axis control 5 axis control, 4 axis simultaneous
Language English,Russia,Chinese,Turkey
Unit Metric system,British system
Power 380V±10%,50/60HZ,2KVA, Multip Voltage support
Environment 15-30ºC 40-80%

CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine Key Parts List

Linear guidewayHIWIN P3 grade linear guideway
Ball screwHIWIN C3 grade precision ball screw
Wire drumHIWIN P3 grade linear guideway
U, V axis taper deviceHIWIN P3 grade linear guideway
BearingsGermany NEY precision bearing
ComputerSpecial industrial computer
DisplayIndustrial Display
Electrolytic capacitorsJapan Ruby or King Kong
X, Y axis servo motorJapan Panasonic AC servo motor
U,V motorAC servo motor
Wire guiderSpecial type diamond guider for wire
Filtration systemsBrass WEDM type water filter
Z-axis electric liftElectric type
Guide wheelSpecial thickness guide wheel
Multifunction fixtureBrass WEDM type fixture
High-strength body structure      T sharp machine bed
Wire constant tension device     2 sets constant tension device
High frequency pulse powerJapan technology, high speed, low roughness

CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine Controller Introduce

CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine Original Accessories
We only use the original and best quality parts and accessories for our wire cut edm machine. 
What parts used on the wire cut edm machine, it will affect the machine cutting performance, and avoid problem to save your time

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