Cutting Roofing Machine Company China

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Cutting Roofing Machine Company China
Cutting roofing machine company china
Trapezoidal Corrugated(Our engineer and designer team service for you!! )free!!!
Base material
GI/GL,PPGI/PPGL,Aluminum coil
Effective Width
600-1250mm (according to your need)
Roller material
45# steel
All colors (standard international color)or customers samples' color
Control System
Cutting drive
Hydraulic drive,electric motor
Cutting&Hydraulic type
Type:double guide pillar hydraulic cutting. Hydraulic pump station :4kw
Blade:Cr12mov Hrc:58-62
Building metallic materials have excellent performance of decoration, corrosion resistance etc.
Equipment process skertch
Cutting Roofing Machine Company China
Product Description
Cutting Roofing Machine Company China
Cutting Roofing Machine Company China
 Cutting Roofing Machine Company China
Name:Manual decoiler
Purpose: Used to support the steel coil and untie the steel coil by rotation.
Capacity: 5T, inner 
 Cutting Roofing Machine Company China
Name:Feeding table
Usage:Put the raw material through the beach to manufacture and process, it can guarantee that the products are neat, parallel and everything is uniformity.
Remarks:Pre-hand cutting is manual
 Cutting Roofing Machine Company China
Name:Main Roller
Roller material: high-quality 45# forged steel Forging process:The surface of the roller has been polished, chrome-plated,
polished, and high temperature treated.
Characteristic:The surface of the mold is smooth and wear-resistant, and it is not easy to be marked during stamping.
 Cutting Roofing Machine Company China
Name:Computer Control Cabinet
PLC:The PLC control system introduces computer technology, automatic control and other technologies based on traditional controllers.

Brand:Delta PLC (or according to customer requirements)
Touch screen: Delta frequency conversion system: Chinese/ English/
Russian/ Spanish
 Cutting Roofing Machine Company China
Name:Hydraulic station power
Hydraulic station power: 4Kw

Brand:Delta, Matsushita, Li Chao, Simence (or according to customer requirements)
 Cutting Roofing Machine Company China
Name:Cutting head
Features: The cutting head uses an electro-hydraulic cutting system and automatic positioning function to determine the size and
cut the target product.

Blade material: Cr12, forged by heat treatment.
Engineering case
Cutting roofing machine company china is widely usedin the construction of various. Industrial manufacturing, villages, warehouses, supermarkets, hotels, exhibition halls, home buildings, etc. It has a three-dimensional and smooth shape, colorful and colorful colors, and can also be customized according to customer requirements for different corrugated board patterns, colors, shapes and corrugated boards of different thicknesses.

Cutting Roofing Machine Company China
Q: Are you a trading company or a factory?
A: We are factory with professional production team and service consciousness just for exporting various types of cold roll
forming machines.

Q: Can a machine produce only one style panel profile?
A: Not complete. Suitable for wider and double layer manufacturing machines. It can produce more than 3 panels.

Q: How long does it take to manufacture the machine?
A: In general, the machine can be completed in 20 to 45 business days. But if you need machines urgently, we can save you time.

Q: Is there quality control when producing the production line?
A: Yes, we have a team that is responsible for quality control, including the laying of raw materials, processing rolls and other
parts, processing, assembly, testing and packaging on the roll surface and shaft.

Q: What can you do if the machine broken?
A: Our machine is warranted for 24 months. If the damaged part cannot be repaired, we can send a new part to replace the damaged
part, but you will need to pay the courier fee yourself. If the warranty period is exceeded, we can resolve the issue through
negotiation and we provide technical support for the entire life cycle of the device.

Q: What is your strength compared to other suppliers?
A: We will give you the best service. We will provide you with good advice that exceeds your requirements. These lines are easy to
install and have low maintenance requirements.

Q: Can we become your agent abroad?
A: Of course, if you have a business in the rolling forming line, we will welcome a lot of cooperation.

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