D480d-F840d Commercial (UV) Web Printing Press with Cutoff 630mm

The Solna D480 is one of the fastest and most advanced single-width, single-round newspaper printing presses on the market. The printing units features box type side frames on both sides of the unit, a long ink train and three true form rollers. The oscillating rollers can be equipped with water-cooling. The ergonomic design and easily accessible settings enable fast plate changes and easy maintenance. The control system for the Solna D480 is the same as for the Solna D380 and C800. The Solna DPC system is advanced and features flexibility and an open architecture. Integration of other equipment and systems such as dampening and quality control systems are easily added.
The Solna D480 is available with two types of folders.
D480d-F840d Commercial (UV) Web Printing Press with Cutoff 630mm

The Solna F840, a 1:2:2 folder which allows a speed of 40,000 to 70,000 sheets/hour.
The folder has retractable folding knifes, during run adjutable over and under lap.
The main drive and RTF are shaftless driven. F400S can be equipped with a PLC controlled quarter fold mechanism.
The maximal number of webs is eight.
Both folder types can be equipped with upper former for second and third section.
All together the Solna D480 is a very complete printing press with a growing number of reference installations all over the world. The D480 is also the latest design in its segment and with a proven high output.

Printing Units

  • Cast iron precision machined, box type side frames
  • Narrow-gap blanket cylinders in solid steel, nickel plated with reel type lock up
  • Plate cylinders in solid steel, nickel plated with slit plate lock-up for panorama and half plates
  • Play free cylinder bearings of multi row type
  • Multi range eccentric system for quick changes of paper types
  • Staged cylinder configuration
  • Fully remote controlled
  • Inking system with three form rollers
  • Inking system prepared for cooling
  • Disconnectable ink and dampening units
  • Motorised, individually operated ink fountain rollers
  • Accurate web tension system with in- and outfeed
  • Optional Semi automatic webbing-up device
  • Web brake detectors
  • Safety guards in accordence with European Union safety regulations

D480d-F840d Commercial (UV) Web Printing Press with Cutoff 630mm

Folder F400 S

  • Combination jaw folder mechanism, 1:2:2(:1), with retractable folding knives for broadsheet and tabloid products, maximum 8 webs
  • Super structure with web lead rollers and draw rollers for maximum 8 webs from left and 6 webs from right, (total maximum number of webs = 8)
  • Individually driven (shaftless/variable speed) RTF roller with pneumatically operated nip rollers and slitter/perforator wheels
  • Newspaper former with air in former bars and nose including blower
  • Pneumatically operated nip rollers below former
  • Signature overlap adjustment on the run
  • Optic anti-jamming device and web severer
  • Delivery table with independently driven delivery belt
  • Safety guards in accordance with the European Union Safety regulations (CE)
  • Independent (shaftless) drive system


  • Quarter folding mechanism with automatic timing of the folding blade
  • Double parallel cylinder
  • Longitudinal perforation device for the spine of the quarter fold product
  • Cross perforation device for the head of the quarter folded product
  • Automatic cut-off control
  • Additional cut-off compensators for special web lead arrangements
  • Gluing device for broadsheet and/or quarter folded products
  • Stitching device for tabloid products
  • Balloon former (max. 4 webs) for a second section
  • Angle bar arrangement for a third section (half web)
  • Former for a third section (max. 2 webs)