DC Welding Power Suppply Armature Spot Welding Machine

Specially designed for 
Armature/rotor commutator welding 

Specially designed to
Realize high automation 
by auto 1st hook detecting
Realize best welding quality 
by DC welding power supply (control the weld current,constant and feedback), servo motor press, indexing and water cooler
Realize more clean, relaxed working environment and safe
by smoke sucking out of machine and auto door at loading side and other 3 sides in closed. 


Armature OD
Max shaft lengthShaft ODWire ODCommutator OD
Max powerFrequencyCooling modeAir source pressurePower supply
42KVA10000Hzwater cooler0.5-0.7MPa380V, 50Hz

Main cared technical points:

  • How can you adjust the fusing parameters on your machine?
  • In the machine human interface (HMI) can set the mechnical parameter of the welding  in the  HMI, and in the controller of DC Inverter power supply can set the weld mode, and under that mode the required voltage or current, weld time etc.
  • How many different fusing programme capacity is available
  • In the HMI can set 5 groups parameter, and in the DC inverter power supply can set 63 groups parameter.
  • Are each segment's  current and time adjustable?
  • Current(voltage)step rise is available at 20groups, if the commutator is within 20 segments, each segment can set one current, but weld time only set one.
  • How electrode distance is controlled?  Is there any ruler to measure and feedback this distance?
  • In the position mode, we can enter manual set page after the resetting, jog click "preload down" to the appropriate position, press "save", set the present position as the weld preload postion. While the weld preload is controlled by the servo motor, the distance will be feedback.
  • How the pressure applied by the electrode to the hook is adjusted and controlled?
  • Preload up-down adjustment means different pressure.
  • Is there any load cell to control this pressure? If available with pressure regulation on the hook (load cell)
  • The machine is with pressure sensor, which can instant show the present pressure.
  • How the fusing current is controlled, is it kept constant? Current feedback?
  • DC inverter power supply controller controls the weld current, constant and feedback.
  • How the machine is auto positioning by the servo motor and find out the correct hook position by itself. Please send us a video link showing auto positioning at the start of operation.
  • At the armaure seat, there is a mechanical positioning, place the armature into the mechanical positioning location, clamp the shaft, servo motor rotates the required offset angle, and then evenly indexing to the right hook.
  • What  are the steps of the fusing cycle, how each portion of this cycle is adjusted?
  • clamp the armature--offset-preload down--fusing--cooling--preload up--indexing, in cycle to the last hook.
  • Is there any warning sign for bad fusing? How do you detect missing hook? Please send us graphic of the fusing cycle.
  • The fusing machine will auto detect the positive negative pole makes the circuit or not while the welding making, if in circuit, it will discharge, if not, power alarm and stop working.

Main Components:

DC inverter welding power supplyPLCTouchng screenHydraulic systemFrame
AIRTACAluminum alloy
servo motor
servo motor
3 colors tower lamp  

Spare part with machine delivery:

Preload motor beltIndexing motor beltTungstenNegative electrodespringfuse