Deep Hole Drilling BTA Machine Deep Hole Gundrilling Machine


Gun drilling and BTA Combined drilling machine (Model: ZK2108Fx2×2500mm )

Machine Operation: BTA Method (Internal chip removal ) , Gun drilling method (External chip removal). These two processing method cannot be used at the same time.

Machine Specifications:


Technical ItemsParameters
Gun drilling diameter rangeΦ4mm~φ30mm
BTA drilling diameter rangeφ25mm~φ80mm
Max.Hole drilling depth2500mm
Max.workpiece Length2500mm
Workpiece OD rangeΦ50~Φ200mm
CNC control system:GSK system

Machine brief:

  1. The machine adopts horizontal layout, using gun drill (External chip removal) and BTA (Internal chip removal) two processing methods, the two processing methods can not be used at the same time. For example, when using gun drill, BTA can not be used; workpiece is clamped on the machine by chuck and cone disc;cutter tool and workpiece rotate relatively, and cutter tool feed.

When the gun drill and BTA are converted, it is necessary to change the cutter, auxiliary tools and oil circuit manually, so that the conversion of the two processing modes can be realized.

The machine adopts double spindle structure. The gun drilling drill box and BTA drill box are assembled on one bracket and share one infeed system.
Deep Hole Drilling BTA Machine Deep Hole Gundrilling Machine

  1. Machine features:
  1. It has two processing methods: gun drill (external chip removal) and BTA (internal chipremoval). Double spindle structure, one spindle for gun drilling, the other spindle for BTAprocessing.
  2. Bed body, box body, worktable and other basic parts are cast with high quality cast iron.
  3. Equipped with special cooling system: composed of automatic chip conveyor, oil cooler, filtersystem, high-pressure pump group, etc.
  4. Z-axis feeding guide is double rectangular sliding guide with good rigidity.
  5. The spindle motor is used to drive the cutter tool rotation, and the feed of the tool is realized by the ball screw driven by the servo motor. Stepless speed regulation can be realized by rotating and feeding thecutter.
  6. Electrical system: it was controlled by CNC system, which can not only program and set up the automatic processing cycle, but also can adjust manually, point, start and close.
  7. The machine has the functions of pressure protection, liquid level and temperature protection of cooling system, tool protection and stroke protection.Deep Hole Drilling BTA Machine Deep Hole Gundrilling Machine

    Machine mainly Parameters:


    Working capacity

    Drilling diameter range
    Gun drillingΦ4~Φ30mm 
    Max.drilling depth2500mm 
    Max.workpiece length2500mm 
    Workpiece OD rangeΦ50~Φ200mm 
    MachineDrill box for GunMax.rotary speed10000r/minStepless

    performancedrillingMain motor power7.5KWSpindle motor

    Drill box for BTA
    Max.rotary speed2000r/minStepless
    Main motor power30KWSpindle motor

    Z axis

    Infeed speed range 5~500mm/minStepless
    Rapid traverse rate2000mm/min 
    Motor torque23Nm 


    Max.hole-Length ratio 100:1 
    Machine total powe(r  roughly)70kW 
    Machine floor space(roughly)9m(L)×3.4m(W) 
    Machine total weight(roughly)15T 
    CNC systemGSK

    Cooling system

    Gun drilling10MPa 
    BTA5 MPa 

    Gun drilling100L/min 
    BTA300 L/min 
    Filtering accuracy40μm 

    Deep Hole Drilling BTA Machine Deep Hole Gundrilling Machine