Diamond Wire Saw Machine for Block Trimming

Major functions of the electrical driving diamond wire saw machine:

1. Controlled with two inverters , automatic constant tensioning system keeps the wire always in optimal working condition and extend the life span of diamond wire.
2. Angle adjustment range from 0-360 degree(electric auto), further installed Photoelectric proximity switch for limit protection ,  allows to horizontal, vertical and any direction cutting.

3.Separate control panel with feature of easy and safe manipulation for operator.
4.Control pannel Shows working information : main motor setting voltage ,current voltage ,speed ,etc , operation adjustion becomes more concise.
5. Horizontal extention system of flywheel shaft position range from 0-600mm(electric auto).
6. With the function of manual and automic operation control switch, under automic operation , one person can operate several machines concurrently.
7. With 4-core control cable, decreasing the failure rate , connection and failure identifying become easier.
8. Safety stop in case of unexpected wire breakage or other faults.

 Mainmotor power11KW-6P15KW-6P18.5KW-6P22KW-6P
 Flywheel diameterΦ500MMΦ500MMΦ550MMΦ550MM
 Wire saw speed0-40M/S0-40M/S0-40M/S0-40M/S
 Max.wire saw length5-20M5-30M5-35M5-40M
 Walking motor power0.75KW0.75KW0.75KW0.75KW
 Walking speed of machine0-50CM/S0-50CM/S0-50CM/S0-50CM/S
 Rail length2M2M2M2M
 Net weight510KG540KG570KG600KG