Drilling Mud Agitator for Mud Tank

Drilling Mud Agitator for Mud Tank

Brief Introduction
Mud agitator or Drilling Fluid Agitator is an important equipment on mud tank of solids control system, it is mainly used for drilling fluid mixing, under the mixing of mud agitator, strong and convection can maintain the uniformity of the drilling fluid and solid particle suspension, to prevent drilling fluid solid phase particle deposition in the tank circulation system, mud agitator to accelerate drilling fluid material (bentonite and barite) and the reaction of chemical additives, dissolve and wetting plays a very important role.

Technical Specifications

ModelMotor Power  Impeller SpeedImpeller DiameterImpeller NumberEx StandardWeight  Dimensions       
BBJBQ33Kw60/72r/min600mm1ExdIIBt4  /IECEX   /A-TEX190kg909×525×527mm
BBJBQ5.55.5Kw 600mm1 250kg1072×610×588mm
BBJBQ7.57.5Kw 650mm2 380kg1157×670×607mm
BBJBQ1111Kw 800mm2 430kg1297×740×692mm
BBJBQ1515Kw 950mm2 480kg1330×890×747mm
BBJBQ18.518.5Kw 1000mm2 740kg1510×890×753mm
BBJBQ2222Kw 1100mm2 780kg1529×890×753mm
RemarksWeight and dimension of the axle/shaft of mud agitator are not calculated.

Features and Advantages
1. Optimized product structure, small floor area;
2. Stable operation, low noise, long service life, less damageable parts, cost effective;
3. Processed with high-pressure airless spraying equipment, painted with primer, intermediate coat, and finishing coast to guarantee anticorrosion effect and nice appearance;
4. Agitator shaft and impeller undergo polishing, acid pickling, plating, hot-dip galvanizing, passivation, and fine grind, greatly increase the service life and anticorrosion effect.

Drilling Mud Agitator for Mud TankDrilling Mud Agitator for Mud TankDrilling Mud Agitator for Mud TankDrilling Mud Agitator for Mud Tank