Drum Shape Plough Shear Detergent Powder Mixer Machinery (LDH)

Plough shear mixer for powder
Drum Shape Plough Shear Detergent Powder Mixer Machinery (LDH)


Plough shear mixer is a single shaft compulsory mixing equpments. Several sets of plough shears are installed on the main shaft in dislocation and continuously, which avoid the mixing dead zone in structure. When operating material in mixer tank move following the direction of the
continuous vortex centrifugal force generated by the continuously blending plough shears, thus to achieve scattering, dispersing and fast mixing of material.
Special material like fiber or some damp agglomerate material, high speed chopper can be installed inside mixer tank to scatter, dispense these materials with combination of plough shear mixing agitator.
The high speed choppers are positioned at the barrel side downward angle of 45 degrees of the plough shear mixer,
the chopper heads stretch into the barrel. During mixing materials are driven to the effective range of the chopper, and sheared in high speed by it

Powder-Powder, Powder-Grain, Powder-Liquid, Grain-Grain, etc.


working capacity(m³)
working capacity (KG)2003006001200180025003600500060009000
speed (R/min)1301308563634242333328
power (KW)5.57.51115223045557590


1. Flexible material selection

Material can be carbon steel, manganese steel, ss304, 316L and 321;
besides, different material can also be used between the part contact with the raw material and the parts don't contact with the raw material.
Surface treatment for stainless steel include sandblasting, wiredrawing, polishing, mirror polishing, all can be used in different parts of a mixer.
Drum Shape Plough Shear Detergent Powder Mixer Machinery (LDH)

2. Reliable driven unit

Options for motor: general motors, explosion-proof motors, variable frequency motor, high efficiency and energy saving motor.
Options for gearbox: R-series, K-series, and F-series gear box; cycloidal reducer, universal gear reducer, planetary gear reducer.
Motor-gearbox connection: direct connection, pulley connection, hydraulic coupler connection
Drum Shape Plough Shear Detergent Powder Mixer Machinery (LDH)

3. High efficiency mixing unit

The plow heads in the plough shear mixer can be dismountable, which is convenient for replacement.
Wear-resistance treatment is done on the plow, making the plow more durable to the severe wear conditions.
Different type main shaft agitators can be equipped according to the properties of raw materials.
Chopper can be equipped according to the properties of raw materials
Main shaft agitators: ordinary plough, saw-toothed plough, and shaver-shaped paddle; High speed chopper: multiple-piece cross blade, double-piece lotus blade.
Drum Shape Plough Shear Detergent Powder Mixer Machinery (LDH)

4. Excellent discharging unit

Standard valve for horizontal plough shear mixer is pneumatic planar flap valve. When close the valve, the planar flap match the mixing barrel perfectly
this makes no mixing dead zone and better mixing effect. The drive types of valve are Manual, pneumatic, and electric.
Valves for option: powder spherical valve, flap valve, plum-blossom dislocation valve, butterfly valve, rotary valve etc.
Drum Shape Plough Shear Detergent Powder Mixer Machinery (LDH)

5. Powerful auxiliary components

Mixer is equipped with many auxiliary components, like steam coil jacket, honeycomb pressure jacket, medium circulation jacket,hot water or steam or industrial oil can circulate int the jacketto realize the technical of drying, cooling and keeping warm purpose
sampling valve, high speed chopper, temperature sensor, weighing system, dust removal system etc..
Liquid filling system can be installed at the top cover, the different material of the atomized spray nozzle can realize the injecting of acid or alkali liquid, or water.
The tank and the agitator can be coated with other material like PE, PTFE, CARBIDE, etc. to realize the resistance of wear-out, acid/alkali, or explosion etc.

Drum Shape Plough Shear Detergent Powder Mixer Machinery (LDH)

6. some simple systems for the mixer process
Drum Shape Plough Shear Detergent Powder Mixer Machinery (LDH)


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Drum Shape Plough Shear Detergent Powder Mixer Machinery (LDH)Drum Shape Plough Shear Detergent Powder Mixer Machinery (LDH)