Electricity Steam Vulcanizing Boiler Vessel in 800X22000

Electricity Steam Vulcanizing Boiler Vessel in 800X22000
electric heating vulcanizing tank
1Main usage
1. Pillar type plate vulcanizer is used for pressing all kinds of rubber model products, rubber plate,    thermosetting plastic, and so on.
   2. The cutting press also can be used as common hydraulic machine.
2.  Advantages
1.Structured of pillar type bottom cylinder curing.
2.Hydraulic drive ,electric relay control
3.The curing time and pressure can be adjusted.H
4.Economical advantage of compact structure, high working pressure, high producing efficiency.
5.Safe and reliable operation.
6.Hand and electric control as customer's request.
7.PLC control and high automation, which can automatically identify faulty instruction, avoiding accidents caused by faulty operation.
8.CE standards
Electricity Steam Vulcanizing Boiler Vessel in 800X22000

1. Sealing method of door: adopt inflatable seals.
2. Heating fast & constant temperature, air is circulated by fan.
3. Wind board avoids products touch heat exchanger directly.
4. Indirect heated version with cyclone fan for even temperatures.
5. Multiple safety interlocks ensure safety during process.
6. Rock wool filled in insulation layer to keep heat saving.
7. High temperature accuracy, pressure controlled automatically.
 Electricity Steam Vulcanizing Boiler Vessel in 800X22000

3. Technical parameter   

Inner diameter(mm)80012001500170020002600
Canister length(mm)22000300030004000500010000
Number of lid sawtooth121214141624
thickness of lid (mm)101010101614
Thickness of the tank body(mm)101010101214
Working pressure(Mpa)