Electronic Products Tray Waste Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

Electronic Products Tray Waste Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

   The semi-automatic egg tray machine production line is not equipped with drying system, after mixing pulp process and automatic forming process, the wet egg trays will be moved to another place for drying by workers, and then product can be dried by sunshine. The semi-automatic egg tray machine production line is suitable for all kinds of paper pulp molded product.
  The automatic egg tray machine production line is equipped with one drying system, after mixing pulp process and forming process, the wet egg trays will be transferred to the drying oven automatically by chains, and then product can be dried in the oven with hot air supplied by the boiler. The automatic egg tray machine is suitable for clients who wants big capacity of paper egg tray/egg carton/shoe tray/ bottle tray demand.
Egg Tray Machine Main Process: 

1. pulping system: including the hydrapulper, pump, disk mill, water tank, pulp tank, mixer, etc..to make the wastepaper into pulp.
  2. forming system: including the molding machine, molds, vacuum pumps, air compressor and electrical controller to make the pulp into wet trays.
  3. drying system: including the oven, chains, trays, heating pipes, fans, boiler, etc..to dry the wet trays so they can be used directly. The raw material is any wastepaper(without plastic) and water.

Extra Process for big capacity egg tray machine: (this part is not necessary part with capacity lower than 1500pcs/h egg tray machine)
Drying Process
It basically involves drying the wet semi-finished products by using egg tray drying line.
Good dying process can lead to minimal losses of poorly-formed trays. There are metal and brick egg tray drying line.

Packing process
With hot press machine, we can squeeze large amounts of egg trays into together. Thereafter, egg trays will be packaged in the desired way. Also, it is convenient for conveying egg trays after hot press.

Technical Specification of Paper Egg tray machine

Egg Tray Mold Quantity2pcs
Raw materialWaste paper
Egg tray Capacity700pcs/hour
Net weight per piece (gram)70g-75g
Waste paper consumption0.06ton / hour
Water Consumption0.1ton/hour
Natural Gas Consumption of Dryer25cbm/h
Worker requirement3-4workers
Machine Length7m-23m
Machine weight6-20tons
Power RequirementWithout dryer30KW
With dryer45KW
Area of workshopWithout dryerMore than100M²
With dryer, dryer-16mMore than240 M²
Container RequirementWithout dryer20ft*1
With dryer40ft*2+20ft*1
1. The egg tray Capacity calculated base on 30-packed egg tray(size 300x300mm, weight 70g~75g).   
2. Workshop size is for reference only and could be adjusted according to actual size of client's plant.

Our Egg Tray Machine production line has Fully Automatic and Semi Automatic two types , both have computer control system. If you don't want this drying system, it is also OK.  Then you will have to do the work of drying up the product trays manually.
      Pulp tray molding machine now is widely used in pulp molding products manufacturing, the raw material is waste paper like Newspaper, Carton, Paper box, Books, Corrugated paper etc. 
The raw material goes into the pulping system, mixing with water, become the paper pulp.
And then the paper pulp will be sent into the egg tray forming machine by a pump, the Pulp tray forming machine will produce the trays using vacuum forming principle.

The pulp tray that coming out from the forming machine is wet, so the forming system needs to be equipped with the drying system.
If the output of pulp tray is less than 1000 pieces per hour, and the weather is good enough, we recommend the manual operation type forming machine and sunshine drying mode, this can reduce the cost of equipment investment. If the weather is not enough to dry the paper trays easily, or the output of the machine is more than 1000 pcs/h, we recommend the automatic drying system,

This pulp tray drying system using different fuel to dry the egg trays automatically, as for the fuel choices, there is like Natural gas/LNG/LPG, diesel, heavy oil, wood, coal, electric.
After drying, the paper trays can be piled up by automatic stacker, and then the workers can package the trays by plastic bags.
Electronic Products Tray Waste Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

Egg tray molding area.
Electronic Products Tray Waste Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

Electronic Products Tray Waste Paper Egg Tray Making Machine
End Products Of Paper Egg Tray Machine

Paper egg trays are the end products of egg tray plant. Egg trays are good protection shell for eggs during transporting and storage. Usually, the egg trays has 30 holes. Esle, there are 10 holes egg trays, 12 holes egg trays,  24 holes egg trays etc. What's more, if you change the mould, the machine can be used to make apple trays, egg cartons and so on.
Raw materials to make egg trays: original wood pulp, craft paper, A4 paper, paper box, old newspaper, old books and other kinds of recycled papers.
Electronic Products Tray Waste Paper Egg Tray Making Machine
Electronic Products Tray Waste Paper Egg Tray Making MachineElectronic Products Tray Waste Paper Egg Tray Making Machine
Electronic Products Tray Waste Paper Egg Tray Making Machine
Visitor from Abroad to our factory
Electronic Products Tray Waste Paper Egg Tray Making MachineElectronic Products Tray Waste Paper Egg Tray Making Machine
Our productionline has Fully Automatic and Semi Automatic two types ,  both have  computer control system .
1.  What is Semi Automatic type ?
If only order The 1st and 2nd compulsory parts , that's Semi Automatic because you'll have to do the work of drying up egg tray manually; 
2. What is Fully Automat type ?
Meaning:  the production line includes the Drying system and the whole procedure can be done Automatically . 
Of course, the price and the required work space would have big difference from the semi-automatic type.
3. Quality 
--- Our machines use  UK Technics and part of the components are Germany-made (ex: Ball valve) .
-- Our machine is made by Tooling NOT by Welding ,  insuring a minimum of 10 years' lifespan .
-- The Egg tray moulds material is Aluminium which can keep the fixed shape much better than that made of rubber material.
--- 99.9% of Success rate: Even if there is a failed egg tray , just throw it back to Pulping area and it can be re-used avoiding  waste ; 
--- Our machine has been sold to worldwide for over 10 years with continued re-order by some customers with their business grow .
4. What kind of material we can use as the raw material?
    Any kind of waste paper like old newspaper,magazines,books,A4 paper etc, and easy to get
 5.  What kind of Fuel can be used for the whole production line?
     Coal, natural gas, and dieseal oil.
6. What kind of products can be made by this machine?
  All paper package such as paper egg tray, egg carton,egg box, fruit tray, bottle tray, cup tray, consumer      product package, medical disposable container etc.
7. Are you a manufacturer?
  Yes, Jinan Wanyou has been fabricating pulp molding machine since 2008. We are one of the  most important pulp molding machine manufacturer in the world, and we are famous pulp molding machine manufacturer in China, providing high quality and production capacity pulp molding machinery at reasonable prices to the world.

Our Services
(1)Technical consultation ;
(2)Detailed design of customer workshop ;
(3)Installing and testing the whole production line before shipment;
(4)Training engineers and workers;
(5)Supplying spare part for long time;
(6) Online services anytime.

The quality of our egg tray making machines is superior to that of other suppliers,and our prices are lower than theirs.
If you are interested in our machines,pls contact me, i will send the details of machine to you.

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