Elevator Door Transmission Conveyor After Robotics& Positioning Device

Elevator Door Transmission conveyor after robotics& positioning device


1, Product Picture & Certification



2, Specification:

Length of door sheet

2100-2256mm, or customize

Width of door sheet

425-600mm, or customize

Thickness of assembled panel, flange to flange

 40 mm

Cold rolled steel thickness    

 1.0 - 1.2 mm

Cold rolled steel width                                                 

230 (231), 375 (377), or 520 (523)mm

Operating Condition                                            

10 - 35 deg C, 10 - 85% RH

Pneumatic Connection                       

90 psi (6 bar)

Hydraulic power pack 

To suit customer requirements


3, Main Component:


SMC / Airtac



Servo Systems


Linear Bearings & Actuators 





Metric, zinc plated


4, Feature:

*Transmission conveyor is designed to make the work piece is transferred fast
*Positioning device  ensures a sheet is always waiting at the same position for next work process

5, Application:


6, Company Profile

Founded in 1978, Fivestar is committed to providing solutions for manufacture of metal products in terms of various welders and Copper alloy spare parts in the past 40 years.

Asides from our outstanding business in steel drum machinery industry which takes up 70% of the market share in China, the Fivestar Elevator Door Panel Production Line, provides a comprehensive, automated solution for the production of elevator door.

The production line for elevator door includes:

- Plate loading equipment

- Punch and corner cutting machine

- Robot short-end bending

- Robot long-end bending

- Corner rectification and riveting

- Stiffener end spot welder

- Stiffener body welder

- Finished product auto-unloading equipment  


The company distinguished itself from other Asian suppliers with its ability to design and manufacture products to the demanding quality standards required by some of the largest, most prestigious professional brands in the industry.

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8, With Customers



9, Warranty

Intended for eight working hours per day:

- for all the components manufactured by us: 12 months after the delivery of the machine (invoice date);

- for all the purchased components: the same warranty supplied to us by the Manufacturer.


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