Exhaust Pipe Bellow Production Line

Outer Braided Metal Bellow Exhaust Pipe Production Line

Exhaust Pipe Bellow Production Line

Double Layer Auto Exhaust Flexible Engine Pipe for truck

-1. Suitable for a wide range of the tail pipe link. 
-2. We can make parts with a high degree of flexibility. 
-3. In particular, we increase the height of the bellows to enhance the effectiveness of vibration absorption. 
-4. This product is used in exhaust system and high-and low-temperature. 
-5. It can decrease engine noise and vibration. 

The Structure of Exhaust Flexible Engine Pipe

1.Bellow + Outer Braid + Cap

2.Inner Braid + Bellow + Outer Braid + Cap

3.Interlock Pipe + Bellow + Outer Braid + Cap
Exhaust Pipe Bellow Production Line

Euippments for producing Exhaust Flexible Engine Pipe
1.YKCX-65D & YKCX-150A Hydraulic metal bellow forming machine

Exhaust Pipe Bellow Production Line

A. Operating principle:
This machine uses emulsion as the medium. Under the common action of the hydraulic control system and the mould,
the single or double layer stainless steel tube will be shaped through the progress of position fixed , bulging and shaping.

B. Technical data:
1. Inner diameter of the bellow: Φ16-Φ60mm
2. Thickness of the bellow: customized acceptable
3. Length of tube before forming: L≤1000mm.
  Use feeding cylinder. You can set a fixed length of the tube for pushing. When the machine is set to automatic cycle,
  step on the foot switch, the feeding cylinder started to push, after reaching the preset size, the machine starts processing and shaping.
4. The system adopts PLC programmable control mode in manual control and automatic control independently.
  The automatic button is foot switch.
5. The system can setup automatic programs of pipe end feeding and changing the height of convolution on both sides of the bellow.
6. The no. of convolution and no. of band of the forming bellow can be preset through setting up the display of counting the no. of convolutions.
7. Control the length of pipe end through the tail-stock cylinder and proximity switch.
  Length of pipe end≤350mm. The tolerance of the feeding length≤2mm.
8. The locating device ensure the pitch shape to be equal.
  The tolerance of pitch height and pitch distance within the range of level IT18.
9. The main hydraulic components are from Taiwan KAMPASS.
10. The PLC controller is from Thinget made in China.

2.Tube Mill(DN15-100mm)
Exhaust Pipe Bellow Production Line

Technical data
Tube diameter: Ф15―Ф100mm
Wall thickness: δ≥0.18mm
Control: Inverter control 
Welding speed: About 1.6meters/min(take 0.2mm thickness as example)
Tube length: No limitation
Power: Y100L2-4, AC380V, 3phase, 3KW, 1440rpm(50Hz)
Outer dimension: 6000*1100*1700mm
Weight: 2300kgs

3.Auto small bellow forming machine(DN6-25mm)
Exhaust Pipe Bellow Production Line

E.1. Auto small bellow forming machine(DN6-25mm)
Technical data
1. Inner diameter: 6-25mm
2. Outer diameter:<35mm
3. Thickness: Max. 0.15mm*2plies
           Max. 0.25mm*1ply

5.The length of the tube before forming:≤165mm
6.Forming speed: 1800pcs/8h
7.Power: 6-8kw

E.2. Auto small bellow forming machine(DN25-35mm)
Technical data
1. Inner diameter: 25-35mm
2. Outer diameter: <50mm
3. Thickness: Max. 0.2mm*2plies
           Max. 0.3mm*1ply

4.The length of the tube before forming:≤360mm
5.Forming speed: 3000pcs/8h
6.Power: 6-8kw

4.Bellow compressing machine & End expanding machine & Cap crimping machine

 Exhaust Pipe Bellow Production Line

Exhaust Pipe Making Machine
Exhaust Pipe Bellow Production Line
Main Parameter
Machine Type No.: CF-150
Available Shape: round or polygonal with different forming dies
Size range: ID38-150
Forming speed: 150-350m/8hrs
Strip thickness: 0.25-0.5mm
Strip width: 16 and 20mm
Outer dimensions: 3500mm*1200*1600mm
Weight: 950kgs

Steel Braiding Machine
Exhaust Pipe Bellow Production Line

Exhaust Pipe Bellow Production Line

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Exhaust Pipe Bellow Production Line

---Company Info
Exhaust Pipe Bellow Production Line

We are a professional manufacturer of all types of metal flexible metal hose making machines and machinery with more than 35 years of history, such as corrugated metal hose making machine, interlock hose making machine etc... These hoses are widely used in energy, petroleum, petrochemical, machinery, refrigeration, construction, hydropower, nuclear power, cement, paper, medicine, transportation, mining, metallurgy, urban central heating, shipbuilding, city gas, natural gas pipeline construction, Central air conditioning, aerospace and other industries. Our machines have exported to many countries such as Russia, Ukraine, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, etc..

---Our Team
Exhaust Pipe Bellow Production Line


Q: What material hose do you have?
A: stainless steel (grade201, 304, 316L, 321), galvanized steel

Q: What size hose and what type do you have?
A:We have braiding machine
B: Intelock lock hose: ID 3mm-102mm

Q: Can you customize for us?
A: yes we accept customize, including hose size, diameter, and material & thickness.

Q: why should I chose you?
A: we produce both hose and hose making machine with many years' experience and professional technology.

Q: what is your hose features?
A: performance of waterproof, powerful tensile resistance, high flexibility.

 We need to know the following information before we send quotation for the interlock hose:
1. ID of hose
2. Material of hose, ss304,321 or 316L?
3. The sturcture of exhaust pipe you want to make?
4. Length
5. Quantity

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