Faith Vertical Wall Printer for Laser Ceramic Decal Printer

Faith Vertical wall printer for laser ceramic decal printer 
Faith Vertical Wall Printer for Laser Ceramic Decal Printer
A variety of materials can be printed clearly on the wall, and it will be dry immediately, and the color will not fade for a long time.
Faith Vertical Wall Printer for Laser Ceramic Decal PrinterSuitable for interior and exterior paintings that require decoration, such as homes, office spaces, hotels, restaurants, kindergartens, entertainment and leisure centers, KTV and other interior walls, as well as government propaganda, civilization construction, cultural construction, etc. on the exterior walls; only one picture is required feel free to sway your inspiration and creativity to add life to the simple wall.
Faith Vertical Wall Printer for Laser Ceramic Decal PrinterFaith Vertical Wall Printer for Laser Ceramic Decal PrinterFaith wall inkjet printer can be customized to print with a height of 4 meters(The normal height is 3 meters), seamless splicing can be achieved if the height exceeds four meters, and the width is not limited (a 1.5m*4 guide rail is given), and the guide rail can be used for unlimited seamless splicing to present a complete picture .
No matter how big the picture is, Faith wall printer will achieve perfect printing for you!
Faith Vertical Wall Printer for Laser Ceramic Decal PrinterAbout the function introduction of the wall machine

The vertical wall printing machine adopts advance digital positioning technology, with static zone calibration for up and down, step calibration for left and right. lt can achieve precise positioning and ensure excellent printing quality. It abandons the traditional positioning mode of relying on raster bars and drive racks, avoiding inaccurate positioning and color bar problems caused by component wear or external wind.
Touch-type flash printing test of wall inkjet printer china can print a single color with large capacity, to keep the color normal and avoid cross-color.
The wall inkjet printer china uses Al intelligent image processing technology to scan and analyze pictures in different formats, match colors, and to control precise ink output.
The body of wall printer is equipped with a built-incomputer system and a 13-inch LCD colorful screen,it is very convenient to operate and work outside.
The wall inkjet printer china adopts Japan imported industrial-grade printing head with protection device. lt is equipped with dual sensors, Z-axis automatic induction, the printing head can automatically expanding, and always keep a suitable distance with the wall, effectively prevent printing head from being damaged.
The vertical wall printing machine body has a UPS backup power supply, it can automatic charging and switching when unstable voltage or power failure. The wall inkjet printer china can still work for 10 hours after power failure (when the backup battery is fullycharged).  So it is very convenient to work anywhereor outdoor.

Faith Vertical Wall Printer for Laser Ceramic Decal Printer

Wall machine product parameters

3D wall printer KD260 parameters
Printing software
Genuine professional printing software
Using ink
Special environmental protection organic water-based ink (waterproof, anti stripping)
Control mode
Wired / wireless printing
Power consumption
No load 20W, maximum 250w
Surface tracking
Hyperbolic banner sensor, up and down bidirectional induction
Ink supply system
Positive pressure system single color single supply, 4-color ink bin one body
Print size
2.5Height × width, more than 2 meters can be seamless splicing
Construction noise
Standby < 20db, drawing < 70db
Supporting pictures
Photos taken by mobile phone / camera and Internet
Power requirements
Household electricity: 220 VAC or 380 VAC
Applicable media
White wall, ceramic tile, glass, metal, acrylic, paper, etc
Format of national film
include PSD.CDR, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, tiff, EPS, AI and PDF
Color drawing technology
Micro piezoelectricity spray technology, variable ink drop, high tolerance error emerging technology, automatic memory recovery
technology for construction interruption
Print Resolution
Operating environment
-20 ° c-50 ° C (- 4f-122f), 10% - 70% relative humidity, non condensing state
Storage environment
-21c-5o ° C (- 22f-140 ° f), 10% - 70% relative humidity, non condensing state
operating platform
Windows xP/7/8/9/10
Certification qualification
Green environmental protection certification, national standard test qualified (GB 18582-2001, gbt9756-2001), CE certification
Printing speed
M2 / h (M '/ h)
Fast mode
Production mode
Quality model
HD mode
External dimension
Machine scale mm); length 700* width 300* height 2600
Package size (mm): length 800*width 460*height 2700
Machine weight
Machine 60kg (fuselage 30kg + 3 guide rails 30kg)
Gross weight 115KG in wooden case
Key components
Nozzle specification
Epson 10 generation high precision printing nozzle 2
Electric machinery
3 Imported intelligent servo motor + reducer
main board
8Core high speed CPU, 4GB memory, high speed USB 1o
Wall detection
2Nano distance detectors
Imported precision level
Power failure alarm
Real time power failure alarm system
UPS power supply
Super uninterruptible power supply with 3 hours of power failure
Laser positioningLaser positioning
Precise infrared laser positioning system
Shaft guide
High strength precision railway track, 4 sections, 1.5m, 6m in total
Shaft guide
Imported linear drive module
Ink supply technology
Positive pressure system ink supply, need to draw ink
Gift Gallery
Free 2T Library
Chinese / English (other languages can be customized)
Note: the above parameters are design parameters. In case of any difference, the actual use efficiency of the equipment shall prevail.

The vertical wall printing machine supports customized fold-able vertical rack, it is convenient tocarry outside.
Faith Vertical Wall Printer for Laser Ceramic Decal PrinterThe wall machine is packaged in wooden boxes on the outside and sponges inside to ensure that the goods are intact when they arrive in your hands.
Faith Vertical Wall Printer for Laser Ceramic Decal Printer


1) How many printheads does the Wall printer have?
Printhead number is optional; it can be equipped with 2 or 3 print heads

2) Can it print white color/ does it have CMYK + W?
Yes the wall printer can print white color.

3) What accesories will come with the printer?
The printer comes with 4 rails(each 1.5m long), one set of ink and nozzle cleaner.

4) What type of ink does it support?
Wated based in or UV ink

5) Which shipping way will have less cost?
Shipping by sea will have less cost, but with ink together, the cost will be a bit higher than normal.

6) Are there other product appearances that can be choosen?
Yes, there are two options; one is in blue; the other is in yellow.

7) Is the printer equipped with Touch screen?
Nope, the printer is equipped with computer along with mouse and keyboard.
8)What is the Print head brand?
Epson DX10
9)What Language does the software support?
it supports English and Chinese only
10)How do we clean the printed wall?
The printed pictures cannot be washed away; it needs to paint the wall again to cover it.
11)Do you offer free printing samples?
Yes, we can print some samples according to customer's requirements.
12)What's your delivery time?
We will arrange the delivery within 3~7 working days after receiving the deposit.
13)What payment method are supported?

Payment method is T/T or LC, PayPal, Western Union, Credit Card, etc.

14)If I have some technical problem, how can you help us to solve it?
Detailed description, photos or video will help our technician analyze the problem and give solution accordingly.
15)Once there is something need to replace, what can I do?
We supply all the spare parts for the printer. If any part is broken, we will fix it or send you new parts after users send back the broken ones. We suggest that users order spare parts package for long time maintenance and fast replacement.
16)Can we send our technician to your factory for training?

Yes, you are warmly welcome to visit us for free training.
If you are interested, please send an inquiry to me!!!
Faith Vertical Wall Printer for Laser Ceramic Decal Printer

why choose us?
We have accumulated rich experience in design and production. In addition to the imported automatic printing equipment in domestic car production line, our company has an absolute advantage, and has installed more than 35,000 sets of systems worldwide.The sales volume of mechanical marking system ranks the first in the world, and the sales volume of laser marking system ranks the first in Asia.Some domestic customers such as Toyota, faw Volkswagen, faw assembly geely, tianjin xiali, ningbo, Shanghai maple, Shanghai gm, jiangsu yueda KIA, foton, guangzhou Honda, Beijing hyundai, Beijing Benz, jinbei automobile, brilliance and other manufacturers, both chose my company with the line of printing equipment, the equipment on the production line of continuous and reliable work, low failure rate, create value for customers, the company won the honor for me.
Faith Vertical Wall Printer for Laser Ceramic Decal Printer

For more than 11 years, Faith products have been exported to 126 countries, occupying 7% of the industry's market share, and customers all over the world.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, I will do my best to give you a satisfactory answer.
Faith Vertical Wall Printer for Laser Ceramic Decal PrinterFaith Vertical Wall Printer for Laser Ceramic Decal PrinterIf you have any questions, please contact me immediately and I am willing to help you!