Famous Brand Sanitary Napkin Machine Production Line to Spain

Famous Brand Sanitary Napkin Machine Production Line to SpainMachine main parameters: :

1Design speed1200pcs/min (300M/min)
2Working speed 1000 pcs/min
Qualified rate 98%(calculate based on 7.5 hours, the rate between qualified products and total production quantity, except substandard products caused by glue applicator error)
4Production efficiency ≥90%( calculate based on 7.5 hours, the rate between real production quantity and theory production quantity)
5Capacity 300KW (Not including the glue applicators)
7Power Three phases four wires 380V/50Hz  (ground wire)
8Wire 3×120mm2+1×50mm2+1×25mm2
9Lowest pressure6 kg/cm2   ≥0.6mpa
10Air compressor2.8 m3/min
11Total weight About 70 tons
12Machine size 29×3×4.5 M (L×W×H)
13Working space 38×7×4.5 M (L×W×H)
14Machine color  Off-white (can be changed by order)
15Product sizeOne size (according to order)
17Packaging:  PE cover packing in container

Machine main parts brand

1 Servo motor
2 Auto web guider
3 Touchable screen
4 PLC controlling system
5 Sensor
6 Safety production
8 Cutter raw material
9 Gear (according to usage)
HRB/BEM/NSK/SKF China/Germany/Japan/Sweden
10 Timing belt
Optibelt or Gates
11 Low voltage electronic
12 Electrical connection terminal
13 Temperature controlling system
14 High-speed joint
SMC Japan
15 Pressure regulating valve
Chinese Taiwan
16 Pneumatic element
Chinese Taiwan
17 Solenoid valve
Chinese Taiwan
18 Moisture separator
Chinese Taiwan
19 Automatic fault alarm
20 Planetary reducer
APEX Chinese Taiwan
21 Liner guide rail
Hiwin Chinese Taiwan

1.The machine has reasonably solid square steel frame
2. Crusher system
3. Fluff forming system 
4.SAP feeding system 
5.Tissue, roll diameter φ800mm (airlaid paper,roll diameter φ1000mm) supply:
6. Fluff core wrapped by tissue  
7.Absorbent paper supplyφ1200mm
8.Absorbent paper short cutting device
9.Fluff core inner cut device 1 set, adopt the frame type tool holder structure to improve the service life of the tool roller
10. The waste at both ends of the core body is sucked and collected
11.Top sheet nonwoven(perforated film) supply, roll diameter φ800mm
12.ADL (blue chip) supply,φ600mm
13. Bottom film supply, roll diameterφ600mm
14.Bottom nonwoven supply, roll diameterφ800mm
15. Central release paper device, roll diameter: φ500mm
16. Central release paper cutter
17. Forming cutter
18. Wastage recycling unit 
19. Product 180 degree overturn
20. Wing release paper adding unit, φ500mm
21. Wing release paper cutte
22. Product 90 degree turn round
23. Packing film supply, roll diameter φ800mm
24. packaging film and product adhesive roller
25. Second grade warp
26. Product quick easy package exhaust 
27. Quick easy tape adding unit  
28. Quick easy package sealing
29. Quick easy package cutting unit 
30. Reject exist, auto rejecting (air blow)
31. Two way output device
32. Reserve stacker and auto bagger machine
33. Driving system
34. Air supply

Our Services
1. We can provide free equipment production of finished products, need can feel free to contact us.
 2.We can provide quality after-sales service :
    You can send technician to our factory to learn operate the machine before the machine delivery for 1-2 month. We can offer food and accommodation.
    When the baby diaper machine arrive your workshop, we will send technician to your workshop installing, testing the machine and training your workers.
     If you need one Chinese technician work for you, we can help you find one work for you.
     Life-long after service for the baby diaper machinery
Baby Diaper Machine Making Manufactory in China

Company Information
About JWC
Since 1996
Specializes in researching &developing,hygiene products manufacturing,raw materials importing and exporting,hygienic products manufacturing and real estate development
Passed the ISO9001 and CE certificate and wins more than 100 national patents as "China Famous Brand"
Provide OEM service and different grades of raw materials to overseas customer
Ecport to more than 112 countries in Europe,southeast asia,south America ,the middle east and areas
Can be customized according to customer requirments


Q: Delivery time of whole line
A: Soon delivery. Generally it is 120-150 days

Q: What is your order payment term?
A: 30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.

Q: Can you present your machine in running?
A: You are warmly welcome to visit our factory; we will show the machine in running on the site.

Q: What is the area needed to set this factory?
A: Considering the workshop and storage, we suggest you 1000-1500SM per production line

Q: Can you send us samples of the finally product?
A: Yes, free samples can be sent out, but the freight charge is paid by you.
But, usually, we design the machine according to the customers' samples and requirements. We have a professional team with rich
experience in machine's appearance design and manufacturing.

Q: Could you also supply raw materials?
A: Yes, surely we can. We have long term cooperation with many raw materials suppliers. They can provide us good quality and good
price. This is in our service chain.

Q: How can I know the product cost?
1) We can suggest which kind of product construction is suitable for your market, and analyze the cost of a sample from your local
2) We will offer you the cost report in detail according to your sample, so you can now how to calculate the profit in for open
3) We also can give you normal finishing product cost for reference.

Q: what kind of training you can offer?
1) You can send technical to our factory for training how to run the machine before the delivery the machine. You are offered full
accommodation by our company.
2) When the machine arrives to your factory, we will send engineer to your place to install and test the machine and also train
your workers
3) If you need an engineer work for you more long time, we can help you to hire an experienced staff.

Q: How about the machine guarantee?
A: The Seller offers a 12-month quality guarantee period from the delivery date.

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Famous Brand Sanitary Napkin Machine Production Line to Spain