Fiberglass Rebar Making Machine Manufacturer

Technical parameter

Working voltage380V/50HZAir pressure0.4-0.6Mpa
Total power30kWCenter height1000mm
Number of winding heads2Central space between winding head411mm
Winding rotation speed9-95rpmWinding diameter4-40mm
Traction speed0.1-1.0m/minTraction force40kN
Clamping length1200mmClamping width500mm
Cutting range500x110mm (WxH)Cutting speed2850rpm
Cutting stroke700mmLength setting modeLimit switch
Dimension20000x1850x1450mmPitch precision+/- 1mm


Fiberglass Rebar Making Machine Manufacturer
FRP MG-26 4T Rebar Pultrusion Machine               
The machine includes:
ItemsDescriptionQtyTechnical Data
1Roving creels-For Fiberglass/basalt fiber 2pcs
  1. Ivory paint, combined structure, easy accessibility
  2. Rollers capacity: 90/5 layers
  3. Equipped with ceramic type guider
  4. Dimension: 2000mm(L)x700mm(W)x2000mm(H)

Fiberglass Rebar Making Machine ManufacturerFiberglass Rebar Making Machine Manufacturer

2 Resin bath -for UPR, Vinyl resin etc.
  1. Capacity: 50kg
  2. Body of bath uses stainless steel plate
  3. Bath dimension: 1030mm(L)x720mm(W)x190mm(H)
  4. Dimension:1110mm(L)x810mm(W)x900mm(H) Fiberglass Rebar Making Machine Manufacturer
3 Heating oven
(Winding and unwinding device)
  1. Number of winding head: 2
  2. Center distance between winding heads: 411mm
  3. Winding power: 0.75kW
  4. Winding rotation speed: 9-95rpm
  5. Heating oven power: 10x2.4kW
  6. Number of temperature control zones: 1+2x5 (1 zone as spare)
  7. Unwinding mode: frequency control motor
  8. Dimension: 6000mm(L)x1140mm(W)x1380mm(H)

Fiberglass Rebar Making Machine Manufacturer

4 Pulling device
  1. Power: 380V/50Hz 2.2kW
  2. Max traction force: 40kN 
  3. Traction speed: 0.1m-1.0m/min
  4. Clamping length: 1200mm  
  5. Clamping rubber length: 500mm
  6. Clamping mode: caterpillar type
  7. Dimension:2100mm(L)x1300mm(W)x1450mm(H) Fiberglass Rebar Making Machine Manufacturer
5 Cutter
  1. Cutting range: 500mm(W)x110mm(H)
  2. Rotation speed of cutting blade: 2850rpm
  3. Cutting power: 380V/50HZ 2.2kW
  4. Diameter of cutting blade: ∮400mm/∮50mm (inner)
  5. Dust collection: vacuum cleaner  220V 3.5kW
  6. Cutting tracing stroke: 700mm
  7. Clamping method: front and back double clamping
  8. Cutting modes: auto/manual
  9. Length fixing method: by flapper
  10. Cutting precision: +/- 2mm
  11. Dimension: 1850mm(L)x1250mm(W)x1510mm(H)

Fiberglass Rebar Making Machine Manufacturer

6Creel for finished products1pc
  1. Structure: square tube and roller
  2. Standard configuration: platform type
  3. Dimension: 6000mm(L)x550mm(W)x900mm(H)
  4. Fiberglass Rebar Making Machine Manufacturer
7Rolling Machine (If required)1pc
  1. Rolling diameter range:<12mm
  2. Rolling No. of rebar: 2pcs
  3. Diameter of winding plate: Max.2000 (adjustable)
  4. Width of winding plate: 200mm
  5. Rolling torque motor: YEJC112-4/6, 4NM, 6 pole
  6. Fiberglass Rebar Making Machine Manufacturer

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