Fire Hose Weaving Loom

YZ250 is latest development of the advanced international level of fire hose weaving circular loom which is optimized and developed on the basis of introducing foreign similar equipment and combinging with own long -term production practice and technology research from Chincese top machine reseach institutions. YZ250 adopt arc double shuttle to be popular in the world and achieve high speed weaving hose jackets.

Main Technical parameters:

1. Adopt frequency conversion control technology, steeples variable speed,scram braking control.
  Shuttle speed: 153 RMP
 Motor: Customized according to the voltage of the customer's location.
Available weaving diameter:          20mm-200mm 

Available number of warp ends:    478 single ends or double ends.

Time of automatic stop:                  approx.2/3 rotation.

2.Equipped with phoyoelectric control,Automatic electronic device for warp&weft thread defects. and equipped with alarm systerm show defect     thread.

3.Compared to foreigner products,we add to NBR coating on the tension roller if loom and improve adhesive force in favor of weaving polyester             filaments hose jacket.

4. High abrasion resistant material is uesd in nylon gear of the loom and improves workings  working life of the loom. 5.Equipped with air cooling system and air cleaning system.

5. Gross weight: 1500kgs

6. Well quality and long service life.

Fire Hose Weaving Loom