First Intermediate Roll for Sendzimir Mill

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Forging Rolls are the most important spare parts for the cold rolling industry. The quality of forging rolls directly affects the quality of sheets & coils. By our years of experience, we can supply good quality forging roll with uniformity hardness, premium wear resistance and anti-thermal crack performance. All of our forged rolls are manufactured by the ESR process, which guarantee the characteristics of rolls,
1. No macroscopic segregation and few microscopic segregations.
2. Very few and subtle non-metal inclusion; dispersed distribution.
3. Compact and homogeneous structure.
4. High toughness and strength
5. Beneficial for improvement of anti-fatigue and heat impact ability of the roll.
First Intermediate Roll for Sendzimir Mill

Manufacturing Process:
First Intermediate Roll for Sendzimir Mill

First Intermediate Roll for Sendzimir Mill

Material and Properties:

Mill Type20Hi Senzimir Mill12Hi Cluster MillHarness for Rolls
Second IMR5H12, SHSS, 8%Cr5H12, SHSS55~60 HRC

The forged rolls are used in wide cold strip mills of 2Hi, 4Hi, 6Hi reversing reduction mill and tandem mills, double reduction mills as well as temper mills and skin pass mills.

Senzimir Rolls are widely used for high strength material and high precision rolling request, especially used in silicon steel, stainless steel and copper etc. Our material for Senzimir Rolls are premium tool steel with good hardenability. By our classic heat treatment techniques, their anti-accident and wear resistance are very excellent.