Food, Health Care Products, Feed Horizontal/Vertical Boiling Dryer

Food, Health Care Products, Feed Horizontal/Vertical Boiling Dryer

Product Description


As a professional fluidized bed dryer manufacturer, KEXIANG provides vertical fluidizing dryer and high efficiency boiling dryer for your selection. The heated and filtered air is guided into by the draught fan and passed through the screen plate of the hopper. In the working room, the air forms to fluidization state through mixing and negative effect. The moisture will be quickly evaporated and removed, and the materials can be rapidly dried.


1. This fluidized bed dryer can be used for screw extrusion particles and swing granules.
2. GFG high efficiency boiling dryer is used to dry wet materials and powdery materials in medicine, food, health care products, feed, pesticide, chemical and other fields.
3. This drying machine is suitable for drying large particles, small block and viscous granular materials.
4. This fluidized bed dryer also can be used for the materials whose volumes will change when drying, such as konjac and polyacrylamide.


1. GFG high efficiency boiling dryer adopts prototype structure, its interior is fine polished in order to avoid dead angle.
2. The hopper with mixing function can avoid forming channel when wet materials are agglomerated and dried.
3. This fluidized bed dryer uses overturning discharge method, which is easy and convenient to unload the materials. The automatic feed and discharge system can be designed with your requirements.
4. GFG high efficiency boiling dryer has rapid drying rate and uniform temperature, so the drying time of each batch is about 20 to 60 minutes.
5. This fluidized bed dryer operates under closed negative pressure, and the air flow is filtered. Therefore, this machine is easy to handle and convenient to clean.


Product Parameters

Parameters of High Efficiency Boiling Dryer

Feeding Capacity (kg)601001201502003005001000
FanAir Volume (m3/h)2361348834884901603278001080015000
Air Pressure (mm H2O)5945335336797879509501200
Power (kw)7.511111522304575
Mixing Power (kw)0.550.550.550.550.750.751.12.2
Mixing Speed (r/min)11 
Steam Consumption (kg/h)141170170240282366451800
Operating Time (min)15 to 30 (depending on materials) 
Machine HeightSquare (mm)27502850285029003100330036505200
Round (mm)27002900290029003100360038505800

Food, Health Care Products, Feed Horizontal/Vertical Boiling DryerFood, Health Care Products, Feed Horizontal/Vertical Boiling Dryer

Company Profile

Changzhou Kexiang Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Jiaoxi Town, Changzhou, the hometown of drying equipment. It is the leading manufacturer of drying equipment and vacuum dryer design and production. Various types of granulation, drying, mixing and other equipment have been developed into 28 categories, more than 200 specifications and varieties. The founder of the company has been committed to vibrating fluidized bed, drying equipment, vacuum dryer, hot air circulation oven for more than ten years, Development, production and operation of double cone rotary vacuum dryer. Manufacturers of hot-air circulation ovens attach great importance to science and technology, and have successively cooperated with medical design institutes, the Ministry of Chemical Industry, the Ministry of Chemical Industry and a number of scientific research institutions in Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing and other places to develop, and there is a new product market every year.
Kexiang Drying wholeheartedly cooperates with new and old customers, adheres to the business policy of "being trustworthy and enterprising", and takes customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal.

Food, Health Care Products, Feed Horizontal/Vertical Boiling Dryer


Q : 1. What is your the lead time for production?
A : Generally Sample needs 1-3 days,mass production needs 15-30 days,also depands on your request.

Q : 2. what payment terms do you accept?
A :Alibaba Trade assurance, T/T ,L/C,Western Union,Cash After sigh the contract pay the 30% deposit of total purchase price and pay the full amount before shipment.

Q : 3. what is the warranty for your products?
A :We provide one year warranty for the products..

Q : 4. Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A :Yes, We are manufacturer. Welcome to visit our factory and check our products.

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