Forged 3 1/2″ Non-Magnetic Steel Drill Collar

Forged 3 1/2" Non-Magnetic Steel Drill Collar

The Non-magnetic drill collars are made fom low carbon stainless steel and conform to the requirements of API Spec.7 and SY/T5144. All threads are phosphated copperized or cold worked. All Connecions are equipped with pressed seel thread protectors.All threads are machined with CNC Lathes-Double-shouldered and special threads.

Forged 3 1/2" Non-Magnetic Steel Drill Collar


ConnectionODIDLength(mm)Bevel dia.(mm)Bned Strength ratio
NC23-3179.43 1/831.81 1/4915076.22.57:1
NC26-3588.93 1/238.11 1/2915082.92.42:1
NC31-41104.84 1/850.829150 or 9450100.42.43:1
NC35-47120.74 3/450.829150 or 9450114.72.58:1
NC38-50127557.22 1/49150 or 9450121.02.38:1
NC44-60152.4657.22 1/49150 or 9450144.52.49:1
NC44-60152.4671.42 13/169150 or 9450144.52.84:1
NC44-62158.86 1/457.22 1/49150 or 9450149.22.91:1
NC46-62158.86 1/471.42 13/169150 or 9450150.02.63:1
NC46-65165.16 1/257.22 1/49150 or 9450154.82.76:1
NC46-65165.16 1/271.42 13/169150 or 9450154.83.05:1
NC46-67171.46 3/457.22 1/49150 or 9450159.53.18:1
NC50-67171.46 3/471.42 13/169150 or 9450159.52.37:1
NC50-70177.8757.22 1/49150 or 9450164.72.54:1
NC50-70177.8771.42 13/169150 or 9450164.72.73:1
NC50-72184.27 1/471.42 13/169150 or 9450169.53.12:1
NC56-77196.87 3/471.42 13/169150 or 9450185.32.7:1
NC56-80203.2871.42 13/169150 or 9450190.13.02:1
6 5/8REG209.68 1/471.42 13/169150 or 9450195.72.93:1
NC61-90228.6971.42 13/169150 or 9450212.73.17:1
7 5/8REG241.39 1/276.239150 or 9450223.82.81:1
NC70-97247.69 3/476.239150 or 9450232.62.57:1
NC70-1002541076.239150 or 9450237.32.81:1
8 5/8REG279.41176.239150 or 9450266.72.84:1

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 Forged 3 1/2" Non-Magnetic Steel Drill Collar


Company Profile

Forged 3 1/2" Non-Magnetic Steel Drill Collar


Glorytek Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is an integrated corporation specialized in manufacturing and exporting top quality drilling equipment and drilling parts for more than 20 years. We are supported and assisted by highly experienced R&D team and enginners that enable us to complete all the assigned projects successfully as per clients' requirements.

Our factory covers an area of 250,000 square meters, construction area is about 150,000 square meters, having machining machinery, CNC processing center, friction welding machine, testing equipments etc. over 200 sets and more than 600 employees.

Our products have been exported more than 60 countries, including Australia, Russia, Soutn Africa, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, France, Sweden, USA, Canada, Haiti etc.

Forged 3 1/2" Non-Magnetic Steel Drill Collar
Forged 3 1/2" Non-Magnetic Steel Drill Collar

Forged 3 1/2" Non-Magnetic Steel Drill Collar


Q: How can we choose a suitable HDD drill rig?
A: We normally recommend a suitable model according to force, application.

Q: Are you a factory or a trading company ?
A: We are an integrated corporation specialized in manufacturing and exporting.

Q: What is your payment terms?
A: We can accept T/T,L/C.

Q:.What is your MOQ? How long is the delivery time?
A: Our MOQ is 1 sets. Normally for drill rig, the delivery time is about 25-30 days after receiving payment, the drilling tools would be about 15 days.

Q:. How long is the warranty?
A: The guarantee period for mainframe is one year (excluding the quick wear parts).

Q: Can we print my Logo on the products?
A: Yes, we can. We support OEM .