Full Automatic Chicken Incubator Hatching Eggs Solar Energy Egg Incubator

Full automatic chicken incubator hatching eggs solar energy egg incubator 
The scope of solar incubator:
Full Automatic Chicken Incubator Hatching Eggs Solar Energy Egg Incubator

Suitable for multiple birds:
This hatching machine is equipped with our factory hatching egg tray, suitable for multi-bird egg hatching chicken/duck/goose/pigeon/quail/parrot/partridge/pheasant/turkey/peacock/ostrich etc.
Product description:
Micro computer intelligent solar incubator is a new generation of intelligent incubating equipment produced by our company in 2018, with the guide of livestock experts, industry practice and the production experience from the researchers of our company.
Full Automatic Chicken Incubator Hatching Eggs Solar Energy Egg Incubator

The equipment adopts double digital screen and special multi-functional window to guide operation, providing functions convenient for consumers and more precise control to realize perfect automatic incubating process. It not only can intelligently control temperature, humidity, ventilation, regular egg rotation, various alarm, examination and error warning functions, but also has one button to control the whole process, really realizing full automation. If the solar energy storage battery is not enough, it is automatically converted to the city electricity, which is convenient for energy saving.
Full Automatic Chicken Incubator Hatching Eggs Solar Energy Egg Incubator

Product feature:

  1. The solar incubator makes full use of the high-end technology of the trinity of solar energy, photovoltaic and HVAC, which reduces the cost of incubation equipment and improves the efficiency of incubation.
  2. The temperature and humidity control system of the solar incubator runs automatically.  According to the temperature and humidity required by the incubation equipment, the energy provided by the solar energy is controlled, and the flow of the solar circulation system is increased or decreased, so that the performance of the incubation equipment is stable and reaches the various indicators required for incubation.
  3. Solar incubator: The company can tailor-made according to the needs of customers, from hundreds to thousands, tens of thousands of incubation equipment can be produced, large farm companies can construct and debug on site.
  4. The solar incubator completely solves the incubation cost of large-scale breeding farms. The use of solar incubators not only reduces the incubation cost but also provides hot water for the breeding farm throughout the year.

Product advantages:

  1. Full automatic Microcomputer automatic hatching machine:
  2. All-digital intelligent control, batch incubator hatching.
  3. Automatic temperature control, automatic control of humidity, automatically turn the eggs.
  4. It can control the temperature automatically.
  5. Reliable and accurate temperature and humidity control, inlet temperature and humidity-sensor
  6. Reliable automatic turn egg body. Appearance: color plates of high strength.
  1. Material: Color steel panel.
  1. High hatching rate
  2. Good insulation effect
  3. Precision temperature control system
  4. Perfect after-sale service syste
  5. Egg incubator Working lifespan: more than 10 years
  6. 99% hatcher rate!!

Incubation process

  1.  Purchase fertilized eggs online, remember to be fertilized eggs, not ordinary eggs.
  2. Wash the fertilized eggs.
  3. After washing, put it in the incubator.
  4. Close the lid.
  5. Turn on the power.
  6. Press the Mode key to adjust to the red dot of the chicken.
  7. Press the temperature key, around 23 degrees and 24 degrees.

In this way, after about 20 days of incubation, you can open the lid and see, there are already chic s out of the shell, the incubator is still more useful.
Technical information  


HJ-SI1220V/50HZ/100W88 chicken eggs   0.7*0.58*0.8m35kg
HJ-SI2220V/50HZ/100W176 chicken eggs    0.7*0.58*1.0m40kg
HJ-SI3220V/50HZ/120W264 chicken eggs 1.1*0.57*0.9m43kg
HJ-SI4220V/50HZ/150W352 chicken eggs 1.1*0.57*1m46kg
HJ-SI5220V/50HZ/200W440 chicken eggs 1.1*0.57*1.1m52kg
HJ-SI6220V/50HZ/220W528 chicken eggs 0.95*0.65*1.0m60kg
HJ-SI7220V/50HZ/300W1056 chicken eggs 0.95*0.65*1.3m75kg
HJ-SI8220V/50HZ/350W2112 chicken eggs 1.37*0.8*1.5m133kg
HJ-SI3168220V/50HZ/450W3168 chicken eggs1.78*0.85*1.88m160kg
HJ-SI4224220V/50HZ/500W4224 chicken eggs 1.75*1.05*1.7m200kg
HJ-SI9220V/50HZ/500W5280 chicken eggs 1.75*1.05*1.8m220kg

Full Automatic Chicken Incubator Hatching Eggs Solar Energy Egg Incubator

Full Automatic Chicken Incubator Hatching Eggs Solar Energy Egg Incubator