Full-Automatic High-Speed Plane Ear Belt Type One Drag One Mask Machine

Automatic One-Drag-One Servo Controlled Plane Mask Machine
Full-Automatic High-Speed Plane Ear Belt Type One Drag One Mask MachineProduct Description

The full-automatic surgical face mask making machine  is one face mask body making machine connected by 2 mask ear loop welding machines. When the mask body is made, the transmission belt will convey the mask to the ear line welding machine for the welding of the ear line part. To complete a complete ear mask, only one operator is required to operate the whole production line.
The full automatic face mask making machine  mainly includes material feeding, folding and pressing, nose bridge bar cutting, mask forming, mask cutting, ear line feeding and welding, and finished product unloading to complete the whole production process from raw materials to finished masks. The mask has the advantages of comfortable wearing, no pressure and good filtering effect. It can be applied to medicaland health, electronics, mining, construction and other industries. 

Equipment model
Full-Automatic High-Speed Plane Ear Belt Type One Drag One Mask Machine
Equipment size
L4140mm * W2800mm * H1900mm
production efficiency
Qualified rate
Power Supply 220V 50/60HZ
Electric control mode
Ultrasonic system  
20KHz 2600W
0.5-0.7MPa, 300L/min
Site requirements
maximum power
Safety protection
leakage protection switch, emergency
Operation protection
Vacuum manual operation switch, anti
Warning function
audible and visual alarm and touch screen reminder function

Product Feature
Production efficiency, 120-150 PCS/min
2,The  mask machine adopts servo motor and constant temperature system to control the material by PLC program;
3,Computer PLC programming control, servo drive, high degree of automation;
4,Photoelectric detection of raw materials, to avoid mistakes, reduce waste, high stability, low failure rate;
5,Preset quantitative integrated output, stacked orderly, not scattered, hygienic and reliable;
6,The frequency conversion operation of the respirator can adjust the operation speed of the equipment according to the actual demand.

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Full-Automatic High-Speed Plane Ear Belt Type One Drag One Mask Machine