Full Automatic Screen Printer Machine Zst-1020

Full Automatic Screen Printer Machine Zst-1020
Full Automatic Screen Printer Machine Zst-1020
Full Automatic Screen Printer Machine Zst-1020


> Introduction

ZST series automatic stop-cylinder screen printing machine is upgrade models from Rotary Cylinder
Printing Machine in recent years.This kind of machine has adopted classical"Stop-cylinder(360°)"
printing movement instead of the orginal "reciprocating movement(180°)".Therefore,it not only
ensures the paper accurate position before scratch-printing ,but also reduce the producing waster
rate.Besides,there is little impact with such high speeds and revolving,which also improves the
register precision.

> Application

Decals printing for ceramic, glass, enamel, lottery, auto&bicycle, fumiture, athletic products etc.
Uv(spot)varnishing, Special effects printin such as abrasive, wrinkle, snow and ice flower, reflection,bubble etc.
Flexible cardboard, advertisement, tobacco&alcohol packaging printing as well as PVC, bank card printing.


★ Centralized control by PLC,Touch screen and button operate panel,easy operation with high level of
 ★Side guide and front lay equipped with electrical sensor to ensure higher register precision.
 ★Cylinder processed by Germany grinding machine to ensure radial beat and circularity, the hromatic aberration of whole page kept the same
 ★Sheet outlet board can be turned down by90°which let cleaning and replacing of screen plate
become very convenient.
 ★ Screen frame can be pulled out directly for easy cleaning and replacing of screen plate.
 ★ Ink plate adopted to avoid ink falling on cylinder during screen frame pull-out.
 ★New designed sheet press plate,brush&nylon roller and sheet transfer board with vacuum air
suction,which ensure smooth sheet-transfer, especially to very thin printing substrate.

> Technical Parameter

 ZST720           ZST1020ZST1050
Max. Sheet Size(mm)710x5101020x7401050
Min. Sheet Size(mm)350x270560x350560x350
Max. Printing Size(mm)720x5001020x7201050x740
*Sheet Thickness(g/m2)100-350120x35090x420
*Printing Speed(p/h)1000-3600500-4000500-4000
Total Power(kw)
Total Weight(kg)380055005500
Exterior Dimension(mm)3250x2360x16003750x3066x17173750x3066x1717