Glass Lined Vacuum Dryer with GMP Construction

Glass Lined Vacuum Dryer with GMP Construction

Double cone rotating vacuum drier is a new fashioned drier that unifies the collection of mixing and drying, it equips with condensor and accumn pump. Therefore the vacuum drier is formed (If the solvent does not recover, the condenser may be not used). The drier is advanced in design, simple in inner structure, easy for cleaning, and it's convenient to discharge all raw material. Intensity of labor can be lowered and work environment can be improved.

Meanwhile raw material is rotating accompanying with the rotating of container, the wall of container can not accumlate raw make raw material dry evenly and have good quality. It can widely apply to dry raw materials of pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry, dyestuff industry and so on. The equipment is in conformity with the requirements of "GMP".

The drier is suitable for drying and mixing powder or granule raw material of pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry and chemical industry and so on. Especially it is suitable for the folliwing raw materials that have special requirements:
Thermal sensitive raw material that can not suffer high temperature;
Raw materials that are easy to be oxidezed or have risks;
Raw materials in which the solvent and poisonous gas need to be recovered;
Raw material that have the requirement of containing rather Iow content of residue volatized materails;
Raw materials that need to mix evenly and fully.

Principle of work
Model SZG double cone rotating vacuum drier has double cone rotating tank. Under the state of vacuum inside the tank, pass steam or hot water into to jacker for heating. The energy can contact with the damp raw material through the inner wall. The vaporized steam can be pumped out through vacuum exhaust pipe when the damp raw material absorbed heat. Because the inner of tank is in the state of vacuum and the raw material is turned over all the time caused by the rotating of tank, the dry speed of raw material is quickened and drying efficiency is raised too and the purpose of uniform dry can be raised.

When oil is used to heat, use automatic constant temperature control. It can be used for drying biology products and mine. Its temperature of operation can be adjusted from 20~160~C and within +2~C.
Compared with ordinal drier, its heat efficiency will be over 2 times;
The heat is indirect. So the raw material can not be polluted. It is in conformity with the requirement of GMP. It is easy in washing and maintenance.

total volumeL10020035050075010001500200030004500
working volumeL50100175250375500750100015002250
heating aream 21.161.522.633.54.615.587.59.613.8
height of rotating framemm1810191020902195250026652915305533304210
design pressure inside tankMpa-0.090.096
design pressure inside jacketMpa0.3



Glass Lined Vacuum Dryer with GMP Construction
Glass Lined Vacuum Dryer with GMP Construction
Glass Lined Vacuum Dryer with GMP Construction

Glass Lined Vacuum Dryer with GMP Construction

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Glass Lined Vacuum Dryer with GMP Construction
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Glass Lined Vacuum Dryer with GMP Construction