Grinding and Polishing for Metal Shee, Metal Roll, steel Belt, Alloy Steel

Grinding and Polishing for Metal Shee, Metal Roll, steel Belt, Alloy Steel

BSG_5G series for grinding and polishing of thick metal sheet
BSG5G series wide belt sanding machine is designed for the grinding of stainless-steel sheet from both cold rolling and hot rolling.

  1. Feeding through sectional tension design can reduce HPL board damage and improve finished board quality.
  2. It can grind the surface No.3 and No.4 at one time through multiple configuration of sanding unit.
  3. The separate lifting system makes it easy to satisfy different thickness and achieve digital control if the grinding process.
  4. The centralized feeding system can compensate deformation and guarantee grinding performance.
  5. The hydraulic-supported counter pressure roller and separate adjustment technology can achieve digital control of the grinding pressure for both side. It can achieve quick open and protect the machine and grinding material.
Processing width    1600/2000/2600 (mm)
Processing thickness1-25mm
Motor power90~160kW
Sanding belt linear speed29m/s
Feeding speed5~20m/min

CPX series for metal roll polishing
For the polishing of metal roll, i.e. stainless steel, copper, Aluminum

  1. High rigid and light duty frame and contact roller can absorb the vibration and ensure a better grinding capacity and efficiency. It can satisfy heavy grinding process;
  2. Precise adjustment and quick return technology of the counter pressure roller makes it safe to operate, easy to control and digital adjustment;
  3. High precision, big diameter and high frequency axial polishing roller can achieve better surface quality and evenness surface;
  4. The wet grinding process can satisfy the process requirement in No.4 HL, SB. It can achieve surface precision and uniform pattern;
  5. Combination of degrease, brushing, flushing and air-drying technology can achieve perfect surface quality;
  6. High precision sectional pressure control via servo system ensure smooth running of the machine and achieve digital production;
  7. Module design can ensure flexible choice to meet different process requirement and quality.
Product modelCP*1300 CP*1600
Processing widthSUS200,300,400,2B etc.stainless steel
MaterialSUS200,300,400,2B etc.stainless steel
thickness range0.3mm~3.0mm
Inner dia. Of raw roll∅508mm,∅610mm(including glue ring)
Outer dia.of raw roll∅1800mm Max
Raw roll weight25Tons Max
Mechnical speed5~50 M/min
Processing speed5~40 M/min(Processing No.4)
SurfaceNo.3  No.4 HL Ordinary brush
Inner dia. Of finished roll∅508mm
Total power~320 kW (Main machine)+300kW(Auxiliary machine)

Sanding series for steel belt roll in press machine

  1. BSG_5GC series is specially designed for the steel belt roll used in press machine.
  2. Complete structure design for the frame enable a strong frame and sound vibration absorbing performance
  3. The supporting roller is driven by hydraulic system and lifting is through mechanical lifter. It has high grinding efficiency and precision.
  4. The position of feeding roller is adjusted in a electric way to meet different grinding performance in different process.
  5. The wet grinding technology with lubrication of oil and emulsion can achieve low heat generation, better surface quality and long sanding belt lifetime.


Processing width1600~3250(mm)
processing thickness ±0.025mm
Motor power90~160kW
Sanding belt linear speed29m/s
Feeding speed1~5m/min

Grinding and Polishing for Metal Shee, Metal Roll, steel Belt, Alloy Steel

BSG_5GF for grinding and polishing of big-scale metal sheet
For the grinding and polishing process of big-scale and thick metal sheet, i.e. alloy steel, stainless steel, mild steel, etc.

  1. The machine adopts heavy-duty structure design. The surface roughness can reach Ra0.2;
  2. The platform moves with accuracy in the grinding process. It can guarantee the precision and surface quality even in heavy grinding process;
  3. The platform can have vacuum and magnetic table;
  4. The process can have dry grinding and wet grinding which is decided by the material property;
  5. The separate lifting system makes it easy to satisfy different thickness and achieve digital control of the grinding process.


Processing width1600~3250 (mm)
Proceesing length16m/Personalisation
Processing thickness3~160mm
Processing precision  ±0.05
Motor power 75~160kW
Feeding speed 29m/s


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