High Efficiency Metal Melting Furnace for Iron, Copper, Steel

----1ton Induction furnace----

How the furnace working ?

The intermediate frequency melting furnace is mainly composed of a power supply, an furnace body with a induction coil and a crucible. Iron and steel will be put in the crucible built with refractory cement. After turned on power, an alternating magnetic field is generated in the induction coil, and then a induced eddy current is created to heat and melt iron and steel .

High Efficiency Metal Melting Furnace for Iron, Copper, Steel
Furnace features:

1. Electricity fuel, various capacity 0.05T -10T, fast melting speed, 40-60 minutes /pot.
2. Low energy consumption. Induction melting is the most energy-saving melting method among electric melting furnaces.
3. Save raw material. Our furnace cause less burning loss. It can save at least 20-50 kilograms of steel raw materials per ton, compared with the gas, oil or coal-fired furnaces.
4. Reduce unqualified products by 1.5%. The application of a temperature control system can achieve precise temperature control to ensure the quality and capacity.
5. Environmental friendly. During working, there is no harmful gases and bright light created by furnaces, and workers will no longer be roasted and smoked by the coal stove under the scorching sun. It can meet the environmental requirements of govermment.
6. Easy to maintain,safe and stability.

Aluminum shell induction furnace

Aluminum shell furnaces are suitable for small foundry and semi-automatic fundry. Because aluminum shell furnace need amall space. They are easy to operate, they can be manual operation. Aluminum shell furnaces are more suitable for 50-2000kg hourly capacity.
High Efficiency Metal Melting Furnace for Iron, Copper, Steel
High Efficiency Metal Melting Furnace for Iron, Copper, Steel
1. Induction coils
Induction coil is the heart of aluminum shell furnaces. If its quality is poor, or its design is not reliable, it will cause up to 25% power loss. So it is very important to by a boog furnace with high quality induction coil. Our factory's induction coils are made of high-quality TUI oxygen-free copper., which are purchase from a Chinese brand-name company . The coil joint is wilded with high-silver to get high electrical conductivity and make less loss. Insulation material is set in the best inter-turn to get perfect insulation and high electrothermal efficiency.
High Efficiency Metal Melting Furnace for Iron, Copper, Steel
2. Furnace frame
High quality furnace frame to have long service life. Our furnace's furnace frame is made of aluminum and magnesium alloy materials, consisting of two pieces of aluminum shells and asbestos board, insulating board and stainless copper wire rod. It is durable to furnaces are durable to service to 8-10 years.

3. Reducer
When finishing melting, the metal liquid will be poured by control reduer. RZS type reducer is a special reducer,used for induction furnace.The reducer has the advantages of small size, large speed ratio, self-locking transmission and low noise. It can be control by manual and electric control
4. Safety and big capacity. Our factory's furnaces are design bigger than its rated capacity. For example, 1 ton furnace's max capacity is 1.2 ton. So furnaces can still work smoothly when it is full. It is more safe as well. Some other furnaces supplier don't do that to save their production cost.

Technical parameters of 1T furnace

Furnace bodyRated capacityt1.0iron steel liquid
Max capacityt1.2iron steel liquid
Working temperatureºC1500 
Highest temperatureºC1800 
TransformerTransformer capacityKVA800 
Transformer primary voltageKV10 
Transformer secondary voltageV5406 pulse, three phase
IF power supplyRated powerKW7506 pulse, three phase
Rated input currentA1200 
Rated input voltageV380 
DC currentA1500 
IF voltageV750 
Startup success rate%100 
Rated working frequencyKHz0.8 
Working noisedb≤75 
Comprehensive parametersMelting rate(to 1500ºC)T/h1The melting rate is influence by charging.
Power consumption(to 1500ºC)KW.h/T≤600 
Water cooling systemWater circulation flowT/h35 
Water pressureMpa0.25-0.35 
Input temperatureºC5-35 
Output temperatureºC<55<<> 

One set display

Basic parts: 7 items, including power supply cabinet, melting furnace body, capacitor, reducer, water-cooling cables, tilting control device, crucible.
Customized parts: furnace-leak alarm, hydraulic device, dust collector, etc.
Optional parts: water cooling tower, refractory cement, ladles, generator, metal analyzer, etc.

High Efficiency Metal Melting Furnace for Iron, Copper, Steel

High Efficiency Metal Melting Furnace for Iron, Copper, Steel

Power supply cabinet

High quality components: Power supply cabinet is assembled by many electric components, and its quality can be influence by even a small spare parts. Our factory ues brand-name chinese spare parts to achieve steady quality. For example the thyristor is from TECHSEM, the Circuit Breaker is from CHINT , the capacitor is from Xinanjiang Power Capacitor Co.,Ltd and Shangyu Power Capacitor Co., Ltd.

High Efficiency Metal Melting Furnace for Iron, Copper, Steel
Spare part 1:Thyristor
Brand: TECHSEM Group and CSR Group, the above two companies are leading thyristor manufacturing industry in China
Function: Stable, have strong ability to resist strong current, durable, not easy to damage
Spare part 2:Control circuit board
Brand: Hengyang Furnace, developed by our own R&D Team
Function: Double tested before production, carefully checking, have a great control on the quality, every customer comment its stablility.
High Efficiency Metal Melting Furnace for Iron, Copper, Steel
High Efficiency Metal Melting Furnace for Iron, Copper, Steel
scientify design: We pay attention to the practicality. The latested power supply cabinet have been the Five-gereration. They have been designed to be more easy to operate and more convenient to mainte.

High Efficiency Metal Melting Furnace for Iron, Copper, Steel
Technical Support



1) Equipment design
Furnace will be customized to meet your production needing and environmental condition (maximum ambient temperate, humidity, altitude,etc) .

2) Drawings delivery
Technical drawing will be send to the buyer after geting the deposite, so the buyer can build basic contruction before the furnace arrived.

3) Acceptance check before delivery
a. The supply of the inspection equipment complies with the scope of supply and technical specifications in the technical agreement.
b. Check the mechanical actions of the equipment.
c. Safety interlock of equipment and alarm function test.

4) Installation & debugging & worker training

a. Cooperate with guidance to check the buyer installation work;
b. Internal and electrical wiring connections between equipment;
c. Site commissioning;, according to the actual equipment adjust to the best state;
d. Direct buyer operating personnel to the correct use of operating equipment;
e. Guidance on site security considerations;
f. To guide the buyer maintenance personnel troubleshooting methods;
g. Provide equipment specification;

Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Established in 1999, Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in Foshan city, Guangdong Province, China, where is 20km from Guangzhou Baiyun International airport, so it has advantages of convenient transportation. As a hi-tech private enterprise, Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of medium frequency induction furnace.

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High Efficiency Metal Melting Furnace for Iron, Copper, Steel

High Efficiency Metal Melting Furnace for Iron, Copper, Steel