High Precise 24″ X 24″ Manual Screen Stretching Machine

             Hanze Ltd Manual Silk Screen Printing Mesh Stretching Unit MODEL HANZE MSR 04
High Precise 24

The equipment is used for stretching silk screen during making screen frames,it is small size without taking space,besides,
it can stretch the silk screen evenly and flat,so it is the most important ancillary equipment for making screen stencil.
This equipment includes 4 gibs in 60cm, which can hold the frame within 60x60cm, the single 60x60cm and two sets can
make screen frame within 120cm.
High Precise 24

Easy Frame Size Adjustment
Corner Softening Capabilities While Under Tension
Compatible with Essentially all Frame Types
Stretches Directly from the Bolt of Fabric
Utilizes a Wide Locking Bar for Easy Use
No Special Training or Tools Required
Maintenance-free Design

Min. stretching area:250*250 MM
Max. stretching area:600*600 MM
Max. stretching tension:25 N/CM
Net Weight:18.00 KGS
Gross Weight:20.00 KG
Packing Size:67 x 53 x 21 cm

This device is made of frame screen stretcher screen of our latest designed equipment. the machine has small size,
light weight, and cannot occupy the space to carry easily.
It can make the wire mesh can be even and smooth, and it is very important to make the screen version.
The device is split net unit, a unit can be stretched system very small.
High Precise 24
High Precise 24
High Precise 24

1. Put the screen frame on it, the upside must be the ragged face.
2. Adjust the height of the frame, 0.04"-0.08"(1-2mm) higher than the baffle.
3. Keeping the hand-wheel in the inside of the screw rod will assure better stretching effects.
4. Coat screen adhesive, not to thin and not to thick.
5. Stretch when the adhesive sticks hand a bit.
6. Coat the adhesive again after well stretched.
7. When the adhesive solidifies completely, then the screen stretching appliance can be dismantled.
High Precise 24