High Quality Animal Manure Organic Fermentation Tower and Equipment for Sale

Main Specifications:

Hopper Volume1.5m³1.0m³1.0m³
Weight-Main Unit26.0t18.0t15.0t
Upper Blower2.0KW2.0KW2.0KW
Lower Blower23.2KW11.6KW5.5KW
Oil Pressure Unit7.5KW5.5KW3.7KW
Lift Motor2.2KW2.2KW1.5KW
Exhaust Blower3.7KW2.2KW2.2KW
No Heater38.8KW24.4KW15.1KW

Processing Capacity:

Pig Manure (water content 75%)9.0t6.0t4.5t
Chicken Manure  (water content 75%)12.0t8.0t6.0t
Processing power varies with season and region

Performance and Characteristics:

1,Less land use,low civil cost;
2,Long file time,stainless steel sheet covered inside;
3,Stably operation,reliable,hydraulic transmission less noise;
4,Less operating cost,unique design,not necessary to put extra accessories,strains;
5,Produce high quality organic fertilizer,less fermentation time,less nutrient loss;
6,Centralized collection of the bad smell,biological treatment to achieve the descharge stanadard,no secondary pollution;
7,Button operation esay,good working condition.


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