High Quality API 16c Choke Manifold

Product Description
1. Application
Choke manifold is necessary
Device to control the well kick successfully and execute the pressure control technology on oil/gas well in the course of drilling, as it is, the device is adopted to execute new drilling-well's technique of balance pressure, which can avoid pollution of oil-layer, improve the speed of drilling and control blowout effectively. One end of the device connects with the side flange of BOP spool. When BOP closes, it can control the finite pressure from casing by adjusting the choke valve's opening, so balanced drilling can work under minimum pressure-difference.

2. Configuration
The choke manifold consists of choke valves, gate valves, line pipes, fittings, pressure gauges and other components.  
3. Working Principles
When the pressure inside the well rises, opening/closing the choke valves (including manual chokes, hydraulic chokes and positive chokes) on the choke manifold can allow the release of the fluid inside the well so as to control casing pressure, which can be directly blown out through the gate valve if the casing pressure is quite high.
4. Pressure Ratings
The kill manifold is available in pressure ratings of 14MPa, 21MPa, 35MPa, 70MPa and 105MPa, and also can be available upon customer request.  
5. Operating Instructions
(1) The working pressure of all components on the choke manifold shall be compatible with that of the BOP stack used.
(2) The choke manifold shall be installed at the place where the operator can reach it easily. The pressure test must be performed prior to installation and the seat test pressure shall be equal to the rated working pressure.
(3) The line pipe shall be level and straight as much as it could. In case of the turn of the line pipe, the 120 degree steel bent pipe shall be used. The bore of the line pipe shall be large enough.
(4) The pressure gauge must be installed.
(5) In winter, the choke manifold can work under a low temperature condition.
  Parts List:  
  1Skid Base1    
  2Hydraulic Choke1    
  3Five-way Piece14130   
  4Gate Valve1    
  5Pressure Gauge1    
  6Needle Valve1    
  7Instrument Flange14130   
  8Gate Valve10    
  9Spacer Spool2    
  10Studded Cross54130   
  11Blind Flange74130   
  12Spacer Spool1    
  13Gate Valve2    
  14Manual Choke2    

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