High Quality CCM Rebar Continuous Casting Machine

  In the cutting process, the hydraulic shear is controlled by PLC and inhibiting device, thus its action 
    is safe and reliable.

n  /The billet specification scope of shearing are wide.

n    It is equipped with pressure regulating valve, safety valve, electric contact pressure gauge, automatic 
    alarm and automatic  unload device for liquid level.
n  ,/ed with cooling circulation unit which is safe and reliable.

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    The hydraulic pumps include one for working and one for standby, thus realize proper match of 
    power and save energy.

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    Energy accumulators supply auxiliary power to improve cutting speed.

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    The main fuel tank and frame adopt inner water circulation to prolong the service life of seal ring.

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    Overseas and domestic top-grade products are adopted as hydraulic and electric components.

    /Technological parameters:
n  /Type:500T  /upcut or undercut full-hydraulic online shear
n  /Section:100×100mm-180×180mm
n  /Cutting length:≥2000
n  /Cutting speed:3.5-5S /upcut
        5-6.5S /undercut
        5-6S /reset

n  /Hydraulic system
n  /Main motor:3/sets  37KW  1480r/min
n/Main fuel tank:3/sets  107ml/r
n  /Rated pressure:31.5MPa
n  /Working pressure: 12MPa


High Quality CCM Rebar Continuous Casting Machine