High Quality Combined Drawing Machine Lhjz-15


The combined drawing unit is special equipment for producing cold-drawn bars with different shapes and specifications. It is a combined unit that integrates the processes of uncoiling, initial straightening,drawing and fine straightening, cutting to length, polishing and collection of finished products.


LBJZ continuous drawing unit is high precision and high efficiency professional processing equipment of metal rod and pipe. The unit has functions of uncoiling, initial straightening, stretching, fine straightening, cutting to length, feeding, polishing and finished products collection etc. It integrates multiple processes and can process a variety of special-shaped materials, such as hexagonal, square, flat square and round shapes as well as other varieties of profiles.



1. Maximum pulling force: 150kn

2. Rated drawing speed: 5-45 m/min step-less speed regulation

3. Processing materials and diameter:45#Steel Round Steel ∅10mm-∅25mm maximum inlet wire diameter from ∅27mm to 25mm

4. Processing length: 2-6m (±5mm)

5. Finished product surface roughness: Ra0.4um- Ra 0.8um

6. Finished product straightness: round bars≤0.3mm/m

7. Product outer diameter tolerance: ±0.02mm

8. Total unit power: 240KW

9. Main motor power: 160KW

10. Main power: Three-phase 380V/ 50 HZ

11. Air Pressure: 4kg/cm2 ±1kg/ cm2

12. Approximate total weight of unit: 65T

High Quality Combined Drawing Machine Lhjz-15

Equipment Configuration

A1. Control cabinet

A2. Pay off rack, initial straightening machine

A3. Main drawing machine

A4. Fine straightening system

A5. Hydraulic shearing machine

A6. Guiding rack

A7. Vertical two-roller machine, collecting device

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