High Quallity Weaving Machinery Jf9100-340cm Cam Air Jet Loom

High Quallity  Weaving Machinery JF9100-340cm Cam Air Jet Loom  

1.Production Description

The rigidity of the frame and beam of the JF9100 loom is strengthened, the whole machine has good stability, the beating mechanism is further optimized, the structure is more reasonable, and four connecting rod or six connecting rod can be used to beat the weft. When using six links to beat weft , it can extend the opening time of warp yarn, facilitate weft insertion, and is more suitable for weaving wide width loom fabric, and broadens the weaving scope of looms.

The shedding mechanism of JF9100 model is optional: crank shedding, cam shedding,electronic dobby and jacquard, with electronic let-off, electronic take-up, and weft changing dense weaving function; broken warp self stopping, double weft detection electronic measurement, electronic weft , stranded edge yarn detection and weft cating yarn inspection are all controlled by electronic control, so that the operation is more humanized.

The reasonable beam structure: to further optimize the beam structure, the change of warp tension sensing more sensitive. After the tension roller bracket installed on the outer side of the frame, which is convenient for installation and maintenance. This series of looms have the advantages of high rigid frame structure and so on. It is suitable for weaving high density and fine fabric. It also has the electronic control, which can effectively reduce the probability of weaving defects, such as stop gear, mechanical gear, broken warp, short weft and so on, and improve the weaving quality.
2.Main Feature

itemspecificationsspare parts
Reed WidthNominal Reed Space(CM)150,170,190,210,230,260,280,300,320,340,360 
Useful reed space(CM)Norminal R/S:0-60cm(150-250cm),0-80cm(>280cm)  
Working Range Short yarn:me100-ne2.5                                                                                                                                Filament:22dtex-1350dtex 
Weft Selection 1.2.4 or 6 color 
Motor Start ModeStart motor at high speed                                                                                                                                                   
Push-button start,stop,f/r slow move                                                                                                                              
Push-button switch handed                                                                                                                                        
Weft InsertionMethodMain nozzle+swing nozzle+sub nozzle+abnormity lockWeft brake
ControlImport High-frequency solenoid valve,computer program control 
supporting spray solenoid vavleSupporting spray solenoid valve integrated with flow cavity 
Measuring weft storageElectric control loop separate weft storageBallooning Prevention Device
BeatingBeating-Up MotionDouble side tank oil-bath type four-bar beating-up motion 
 Multi-sleysword solid beating-up warp and weft system 
 Multi supporting base,balance weight 
Shedding Crank type flat sheddingg(heald frame 4 to 8);1/1 fabric 
Down positive Cam shedding(heald frame 4 to 14);Plain,twill,satin,black out babric 
Dobby shedding(heald frame 16 max);Plain,twill,satin or complex design 
Electronic Jaquard shedding:1344,2688 lifting hooks 
Let off Electric servo continuous let-offDouble-warp beam
Twin back beam 
Positive or negative let off 
flang DiaΦ800mm Φ1000mm 
Take upBatching MethodMechanical  continuous take-upElectric servo continuous take-up 
Batching MethodEntrails batching(Max dia:1000mm) 
TempleLower or upper 
Selvage Leno yarn by planetary gears 
lubrication For main driving parts:oil-bath type,centralized filling oil(grease) 
Shutdown deviceWeft breakageReflecting double feeler device 
Warp breakageElectric warp stop device 
othersSelvage,yarn end treatment,end-broken stop motion 
Shutdown displayScreen display,multi-functional shutdown display lights 
Weft cutter Mechanical  cutter 
Electric control system High deficiency,large screen,vga color image display touch human-computer interface 

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High Quallity Weaving Machinery Jf9100-340cm Cam Air Jet Loom

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High Quallity Weaving Machinery Jf9100-340cm Cam Air Jet Loom
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High Quallity Weaving Machinery Jf9100-340cm Cam Air Jet Loom
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7.FAQ :
1)Are you manufacturer:

Yes, we are manufacturer of water jet loom, air jet loom, rapier looms,twisting machine,etc. textile weaving looms. And at present we also increased the mask making machines series lines.

2)Do you attend the exhibition every year?

Yes, we attend the india, indonesia,Parkistan,shanghai china,Uzbekistan,Turkey etc.textile exhibition every year.

3) Do you have office in foreign market?

Yes,we have office in suzhou,china; in india, in indonesia, welcome to visit us.

4)What is the delivery time?

We can deliver the looms within one month 300 sets.

5)Do you already register in India government?

Yes, already become the member of  ATUFS india.

6)Do you have aftersales team?

Yes, we will arrange the after sales teams on the door when delivered the looms on your side. Any problems of prompt time is within in 2 hours.