High Speed Automatic Speedwave Folding Gluing Machine (YL-800PC-C)


YL-800PC-C Automatic Folder Gluer
High Speed Automatic Speedwave Folding Gluing Machine (YL-800PC-C)


Suitable paper200-650 gsm cardboard,N,E,F Corrugated board
Max width800mm
Box type Straight line , crash-lock bottom box, double sides
Optional for 4/6 corners box
Folding wayAutomatic Continuously Feeding
Glue typeSolute style
Max. speed400m/min
Required power21KW, AC220V/380V
Inching speed40m/min
Compressed air6 bar
Air compressor capacity10m/3
Air tank capacity60L

Folding specification  

 High Speed Automatic Speedwave Folding Gluing Machine (YL-800PC-C)

  • Function and Profile
    1. Equipped with full color touch screen monitor, main machine, transfer and conveyor can control the speed automatically and synchronization trace parameter setting system.
    2. The machine adopt movable and adjustable operating function in each section. Equipped with elaborate tooth lever design. It is simple, convenient and efficient for one man operation.
    3. High power stepless speed control frequency conversion and high-efficiency power motor, the highest speed can reach 400 meters/min, power transmission adopts powerful belt transmission, with low noise, high efficiency, easy maintenance and economic efficiency.
    4. Each functional components of the machine adopt modular design, which is convenient to assemble, convenient to replace and debug products, convenient for beginners to master technology, and easy to learn.
    5. Unique design of the upper and lower glue tank and coordinate with the need of products.
    6. Compression and conveyor section equipped with adjustable the pressure design according to the needs of the products. Equipped with a set of special soft belts to ensure uniform pressure and perfect quality.
    7. The machine adopt photoelectric counting, which can be used for total or quantitative counting, and equipped with kicker mark recognition device.
  • Partial Mechanism Function Description


    Independently motorized friction feeder with variable speed  Adjustable vibration motor Side feed gates fully adjustable to the width of the blank Two adjustable front feed knives
    High Speed Automatic Speedwave Folding Gluing Machine (YL-800PC-C)


    Aligner section

    1. Independent section with an unparallel lower carrier that guides the box to a parallel handrail that allows a perfect blank alignment.                                                                   

    High Speed Automatic Speedwave Folding Gluing Machine (YL-800PC-C)


    Pre-folding section

    1. Left upper left 180°pre-folded
    2. The third indentation line 135°pre-folding
    3. 1st and 3 rd crease openers.

     High Speed Automatic Speedwave Folding Gluing Machine (YL-800PC-C)


    Climbing section(hookeless crash lock bottom section)

    1. One-button electric lifting, easy to understand and operate, greatly improving production efficiency and achieving more stable folding.

     High Speed Automatic Speedwave Folding Gluing Machine (YL-800PC-C)

    Final folding unit

    1. Smoothly and accurately finish the second fold line, the fourth fold line 180 °combined.
    2. Outer folding belts adjustable up to 180°with variable speed.
    3. Two upper and two lower carriers with 25mm lower and 30mm outer belts.
    4. Width wise adjustable heavy duty compression rollers.(optional)

    High Speed Automatic Speedwave Folding Gluing Machine (YL-800PC-C)

    Output unit

    1. Upper and lower drive mechanism for lengthwise adjustment
    2. Equipped with automatic belt tension-adjusting system
    3. Continuous and automatic box collection mechanism that ensures a neat transfer to the press section, guaranteeing a well aligned flow.

     High Speed Automatic Speedwave Folding Gluing Machine (YL-800PC-C)



    1. The speed of the delivery pressure part can be adjusted automatically or manually according to the speed of the host machine.
    2. Depending on the length of the box, the output pressure part can move back and forth

     High Speed Automatic Speedwave Folding Gluing Machine (YL-800PC-C)


        About us:
    High Speed Automatic Speedwave Folding Gluing Machine (YL-800PC-C)
    1. What is the machine warranty?
       one year.
    2. Does your machine with CE certificate?
    3. What's the payment term?
         A:T/T 30% in advance, the balance paid before delivery. We also accept payment  L/C.
    4.What is the production time while placing order?
       About 30 days.
    5. What is the delivery time?
       Within 30 days after get the payment.
    6. Does the packing strong?
       Yes, of course! All of our export packings is with strong wooden pallets, all are confirmed to export packing standard.
    7. Are you manufacturer?
       Yes, we are manufacturer, and we have been in this field for more than 10 years.
    8. Do you have a stock product to sell?
       Actually our machine need 20-30 days to manufacture, and there are many orders from China and foreign countries, so we need a custom one for you, and your order will be highly attention to manufacture.
    9. How about after-sales service process?
       When your machine has a problem, contact your sales and we will solve your problem as soon as possible.
    10. Do you inspect the finished products?
        Yes, we have QC department, they will inspection the machine before shipping, to ensure there is nothing problem of the machine.
    11. Do you have your technical team?
        Yes, we have our own technical team and we have our own patents. And we can custom the machine as customer want.

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