High Speed CNC Vertical Milling Machine Center with Linear Guideway

VMC850SL vertical machining center adopts X, Y, Z three-axis servo direct connects half closed loop control,3-axis are linear guide, Guide rail width, large span, structure and external dimensions are compact and reasonable, servo motor of spindle driven through the synchronous belt. It can processing a variety of a complex parts such as plate, plate, shell,cam, the mould, and once clamping can complete drilling, milling, boring, expansion, reaming, tapping and other process, are suitable for many varieties, medium and small batch parts. Can be configuration the fourth rotation axis for the processing requirements of special part.

ItemUnitTechnical parameter
 pullstud GB/T10944.3-JF40-45(45°)
 Spindle noose to tablemm170-770
 Spindle center to column guidewaymm580
 T slot No./width/between spacemm5/18/100
 Max. loading capacitykg500
Ball screwX axismmφ40×16
 Y axismmφ40×16
 Z axismmφ40×16
travelX axismm800
 Y axismm500
 Z axismm600
Max. rapid traverseX axism/min32
 Y axism/min32
 Z axism/min24
Tool magazineMax. tool diameter(w/o adjacent tool)mmφ80/φ125
 Max. tool lengthmm250
 Max. tool weightkg8
 tool capacity 16/24
coolantcoolant motorW530
 coolant flow-rateL/min40
 coolant tank capacityL350
lubrication system Auto
position accuracymm0.016/0.012/0.012
Re-position accuracymm0.01/0.006/0.006
powerAC voltageVAs required
 frequencyHz50 or 60
total power capacityKVA15
air pressureMPa0.5-0.7
machine weightkg5700
machine size(L×W×H)mm2700×2300×2500

1) Taiwan speed spindle unit(8000rpm).
2) Spindle servo motor: Power7.5 torque 36Nm;
3) 24 tools ATC made in Taiwan;
4) Manual pulse generator(hand wheel);
5) hand air gun;
6)Z axis rigid tapping;
7) Z axis balancing weight ;
8) Centralized  automatic oil lubrication; ;
9)outside water coolant and air coolant system;
10)chip by manual;
11)external air cooling;
12)All protective sheet metal shield and guide shield;
13)leveling pad;
14) Work ligh;
15)warning lamp;
16)Faunc 0i MF5 CNC syste
1) Mitsubishi M70; Siemens ,GSK, KND CNC system;
2) BT50 spindle unit;
3)servo spindle motor ,power is 11KW.
4)The 4th axis ;                                     
5)Taiwan  umbrella type 16T capacity;
6)coolant through spindle; annular spray high speed spindle unit;                         
7)oil cooling spindle;
8)Automatic chip removal(chain type);                  
9) auto tool length measurement .  

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