Hose Reel Iriigation Machine / Sime Rain Gun Sprinkler /Irrigation


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The sprinkler size, trajectory, and nozzle options fromfenglian  provide a customizable solution for your hose reel traveler. The most popular Big Gun Sprinklers for hose reel traveler irrigation are the 100 Series and 150 Series. These water cannons pair to the most common hose reel machines for application rate, flow, and operating pressure. For smaller machines, the 75 Series may be better suited. The 200 Series Big Gun is best suited for the largest hose reel traveler machines and its high volume and long radius of throw are as impressive as they are effective.


The Big Gun's efficient taper ring nozzles provide an excellent balance between stream diffusion and throw distance. They are interchangeable to simplify the customization of the sprinkler flow rate to the crop needs. The new 100 and 150 Series plastic nozzles are an economical alternative to aluminum and are made from the same field-proven material as Nelson pivot sprinkler nozzles.
Hose Reel Iriigation Machine / Sime Rain Gun Sprinkler /Irrigation
Product Description
Hose Reel Iriigation Machine / Sime Rain Gun Sprinkler /Irrigation
Irrigation System Project Parameters unitSeries Model
JP75 JP90/DJP90 JP90/DJP110 JP110/YJP125/Y
Interlayer velocity difference %<20d><20d><20y><15n>
nozzle type /PYC50PYC50PYC75PYC75
nozzle height mm1300-28001300-28002000-30002000-3000
nozzle car track mm130013001300-15001300-1500
car climbing %20202020
traction height mm300-500300-500300-500300-500
ground clearance mm300300300300
chassis /185R 14C10.0/80-1210.0/75-15.310.0/75-15.3
wheel tire rim maximum width mm2000231024002510
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water turbin
The water turbine adopts high speed: 1050 R / s and ordinary water turbine 800 R / S; The gear box adopts gear grinding gear box; The spray gun adopts a high-quality large spray gun that can be replaced within two years.
Water turbine it is the power-drive system of machine, also can regulate water flow,
ensure PE tube recovery speed uniform.
It composes elbow, vortex shell, turbine and other parts. Water flow can reach 13-68m3/h, rotating speed can reach 200-800r/min.
With automatic speed adjustment function, to ensure the sprinkler car walking speed deviation less than 20%.
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Hose Reel Iriigation Machine / Sime Rain Gun Sprinkler /Irrigation
All products adopt integral laser cutting technology to ensure the universality, standardization and interchangeability of spare parts.All reels adopt pickling, phosphating, electrophoresis and paint baking technology to ensure high color fastness of reel painting and no corrosion as a whole.Frame and winchThe frame and winch is made by low carbon alloy steel stamping welded together. The frame and winch is connected by
turn plate, which rotates flexible and portable. It can rotate 360°, make the sprinkler car to work on different orientation
field, reduce the machine movement frequency, and increase the reclamation index.


Packaging & Shipping


hose reel irrigation machine used with nude packing ,All machines are fixed with cables to ensure that the machine will not be damaged during long-term transportation. At the same time, all accessories and tools are also placed in the toolbox for our customers to use. Therefore, in short, our packaging and transportation is very complete to ensure that the goods received by customers are intact. At the same time, we also support the packaging requirements according to customers' requirements, Customer satisfaction.
Hose Reel Iriigation Machine / Sime Rain Gun Sprinkler /Irrigation


Company Profile


Hose Reel Iriigation Machine / Sime Rain Gun Sprinkler /Irrigation
All products, from material selection to production and processing, are so amazing. Our materials are about half thicker than our peers on average. Laser blanking has high accuracy.

Our paint spraying adopts paint baking technology, shot blasting and rust removal, assembly line operation. Our products are tested before leaving the site, and all processes are standardized enterprise processes.

Not only that, The process flow is leading in the industry.
We can see from the picture that our adopts the driving mode of water turbine. This structure can avoid the restriction of farmland power consumption, and has low failure rate and durability. As a mechanical technology company, Fenglian also ensures its vitality


related products


A complete set of tray nozzle system includes reel sprinkler, machine, pump truck, truss and sprinkler. The sprinkler is divided into spray gun and truss. These two devices can be replaced and adjusted appropriately according to your planting crops
hose reel irrigation system we provide you from jp50-jp110 series ,colour can be choosed 

for truss boom, there are 26m, 30m , 35m, three model for your choice 

rain gun ,FSN40 and some big rain gun can help you 

diesel pump .we choose the best engine in china ,so that make your using satisfied 

In a word, we should match the products according to your actual requirements and give you a complete irrigation scheme. Many customers, as direct users, don't quite understand what equipment and scheme they use the most economically. We all have professional engineers to design according to your actual use requirements

Hose Reel Iriigation Machine / Sime Rain Gun Sprinkler /Irrigation




Hose Reel Iriigation Machine / Sime Rain Gun Sprinkler /Irrigation
As a professional manufacturer of reel sprinkler irrigation machines, Fenglian has been following the production specifications since the first day of its establishment, producing in compliance with the regulations and leading the industry. This is our concept.

In order to make our products benefit more farmers and more agencies
our products have successively obtained ISO quality management certification and are provided according to customer requirements, GS certification and CE certification
with perfect certification system, make customers satisfied and moved.


Exhibition Show


Since 2000, the company has actively participated in various exhibitions at home and abroad

 from Guangzhou and Shanghai to Dubai, Sydney and Munich. Fenglian people have traveled all over the world to communicate with peers, shoulder to shoulder with the top of the industry, listen to customer needs and walk into local farmland in person.

Through the exhibition, we have made more and more friends at home and abroad, which is of great help to our own improvement and the promotion of enterprises.

In the future, after the epidemic is over, we will continue to promote the exhibition, so that our high-quality products can benefit more people.

Hose Reel Iriigation Machine / Sime Rain Gun Sprinkler /Irrigation


Our team
Hose Reel Iriigation Machine / Sime Rain Gun Sprinkler /Irrigation
People are the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

We actively promote the amateur cultural activities of employees, enhance the understanding between employees through activities, enhance the cohesion of employees

improve the competitiveness of the enterprise. Enrich employees' life, make employees work better and work happily




Q1: Can you provide OEM or ODM service?
A1: Yes, we have strong developing team to support OEM and ODM service. The products can be made according to your request.
Q2: What is the sample lead time & production lead time?
A3: T 15~25 days after received your deposit
Q4: What's your payment terms?
A4: TT or LC at sight.
Q5: What is your terms of delivery?
A5: FOB/CIF/By air as you like.