Hot Sale and Attractive Construction Elevator

Hot Sale and Attractive Construction Elevator

Shandong Xingdou Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter for construction hoist elevator.    
1. 10 years more manufacturing experience and 7years explore foreign market standard  
2.Zero accident record  
3. Best price offered with special discount to develop oversea market, high quality you can enjoy.  
4. High speed response with sales and after-sale service  
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Hot Sale and Attractive Construction Elevator   

Our main product SC construction hoist with safety device mainly used for hoisting passengers and  materials in construction site of high-rise buildings, tower, Chimney, bridges, mine or lifting cargo   for storehouse.      
SC construction hoist with safety device of common models:   

An advantage of doing business with the Company is that it can satisfy custom customer requirements. Xingdou people are committed to providing the most comprehensive, reliable, efficient, and economical vertical access solutions.

500kg-3000kg loading capacity passenger cum material constriction site building lift

Its main products include:

  PLC construction lifts.
  Low, medium, and high-speed variable frequency construction lifts.
  Special purpose construction lifts, such as power plant cold water tower construction lifts, mini rack construction lifts for tower crane, and mine construction lifts.
  Inclined construction lifts.
  Small rack observation lift.
  High-level test bed maintenance lift.
  Other OEM type rack and pinion vertical lift.

Production Details   

A.Production process: Strict material selection- blanking- inspection - welding- inspection- Blasting - inspection -Baking finished or galvanized- inspection - Finished Product  
B.The product can be customized according to customers' requirements (drawing, specifications and so on).    

1.Mast section welded by welding Robot ensures reliable quality and elegant appearance.  

 Hot Sale and Attractive Construction Elevator
2.All the steel structures are processed with blasting technology to remove rust. The adhesion of surface painting is outstanding. 

 Hot Sale and Attractive Construction Elevator
3.Suspension cage guarding board adopts figured aluminum plate and numerical control punched aluminum plate. The suspension cage is lightweight and artistic in appearance.   

 Hot Sale and Attractive Construction Elevator
4.Transmission mechanism supplied by the professional manufacturer has high efficiency, long service life and stability in performance.  

 Hot Sale and Attractive Construction Elevator
5.Complete set of overload protection devices, variety of limiters and mechanical chain devices ensure its reliability.  
Anti-falling safety device adopts SAJ40-1.2, which restricts the excessive downward movement of the cage, preventing and eliminating accidents. 
6.Frequency conversional construction elevator is safe, stable and comfortable. Starting electricity is smaller than working electricity, energy-saving and high efficient. 
7.The product can be customized according to customers'requirements (drawing, specifications and so on).  


Hot Sale and Attractive Construction Elevator

We own International Certificate and standard CE, ISO9001, SGS, BV of construction hoist.  
BE With XIONGDOU, BE  With Safety & High Efficient !        

Our Services   
Before-sale services:  For reasonable request, we always try our best to meet customer' requirements as much as possible,including catalogue, price list,some technical information, the relevant certification materials, and product inspection information.  
After-sale services:  We provide free spare part with equipment and send Technicians to maintenance when necessary. 
You can get high quality products and professional service from us.  Any question from you is welcome and will get reply within 24 hours.     

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