Hot Sale Hg Series Food Rotary Drum Flaker Dryer

Hot Sale Hg Series Food Rotary Drum Flaker DryerHG Drum scraper dryer

I. Working principle:

  Cylinder and scratch board dryer is a kind of heat transmit and rotation continuous drying equipment. The rotating drum through the lower part of the chute, adhesion with a certain thickness of material membrane, heat through pipes to the cylinder wall, transmit to the outside of the cylinder wall, then transmit to material membrane to make the moisture evaporated dehumidified quickly, the wet water through the upper suction device from the dehumidify fan to discharge. The dried product under the surface of the surface of the drum scraper shovel away from the drum, then by the screw conveyor  to put together and pack.


II. Features of equipment:

1. High thermal efficiency:

Cylinder and scratch board dryer is heat transfer mechanism, during the process of whole operation, the heat transfer remain the same, except the end cover heat dissipation and thermal radiation loss, the rest of the heat is used for material membrane's evaporation, thermal efficiency can reach 80%- 90%.


2. Flexible in operation, and wide application:

    It can regulate many aspects of the dryer. Such as: the concentration of charge material, the thickness of the coating material membrane , temperature of heating medium, the revolving speed of the drum etc, all these can change the efficiency of cylinder and scratch board dryer, and these has no link with each other, it bring a lot of convenience to the operation, and apply for drying many raw material.

3. Short drying time:

Normally, the drying period of materials only 10 to 15 seconds, it suits for heat-sensitive materials. If setting  the drier under vacuum chamber,  it can work under the condition of reduced pressure

4. Big drying rate:

Due to the material membrane on the wall is very thin, generally 0.3- 1.5 mm, and the heat and mass transfer in the same direction, material of membrane surface evaporation can keep the 15 -35 kg. H2O/m. H.


IIIIllustration for key points:

 1. Increase the thickness of stainless steel which using 16 mm,it can process again 3-4 time,prolong the life of dryer.

 2. Using steam heating, in order to avoid the heating oil  main tube short circuit, and cause the cylinder surface uneven heating, affect the drying efficiency, so it has the auxiliary device.

 3. Discharge is step less speed regulating.

 4. Scraper adopts special steel to reduce the main cylinder wear.

 5. Scraper increase trimming device, make the surface material of the cylinder is more effective.

 6. The main cylinder adopts the speed stepless speed regulation.

 IV. Technical parameters:

SpecificationDiameter of drum(mm)Effective heating area(m2)Drying capacity(kg/h)Steam consumption(kg/h)Motor powerOverall Size(L*W*H)mmWeight(kg)




Company introduction:

Changzhou No.2 Drying Equipment Factory Co.,Ltd is an old drying enterprise which has 23 years drying history. We have got several patents in different dryers. We have much experience in different drying area. Now it holds more than 100 sets of equipment. The company has more than 100 staff and workers, including 15 engineers, with annual value of production more than thirty-eight million RMB.We attach importance to advanced technology, and have cooperated positively with universities and colleges to develop new products by using new technics. We have continuously developed several key and high-tech products with advanced technology both from domestic and abroad.During the past ten continuous years, the company has been appraised as enterprise with high reputation on contract and credit.Bases on the principle of factualism, innovation and mutual benefit, the enterprise is looking forward to creating resplendence with personages from all circles together.

Hot Sale Hg Series Food Rotary Drum Flaker Dryer
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Hot Sale Hg Series Food Rotary Drum Flaker Dryer