Hydraulic Feeder

 Equipment composition structure and general drawing
1.Composition structure
The furnace charger vehicle consists of  vehicle frame,hopper,Driving wheel assembly,trailing wheel assembly,hydraulic circuit system ,tilting cylinder ,cable reel and electric control system
2. Equipment general drawing(frame diagram)
Hydraulic Feeder

1. Counter weight area 2. Hydraulic station 3. Electric control system 4. Tilting cylinder 5. Vehicle hopper 6. Vehicle frame 7. Trailing wheel assembly 8. Driving wheel assembly 9. Cable reel
Technical description
1,Application range
The furnace charger vehicle is applied in the medium frequency furnace steelmaking workshop,installed lengthways behind the furnace.One set of furnace is equipped one or two vehicles(It depends on the size of furnace)
2,Main advantages:
1)The scrap steel is quickly and intensively added into the intermediate frequency induction furnace,instead of the original manual or chuck operation, thus reduces the labor intensity (radiation from the high temperature of the furnace ) and the labor cost.
2) The centralized charginging mode is realized in the furnace charger vehicle, which reduces the charging frequency and time of the original process , greatly improves the charging efficiency, makes the intermediate frequency induction furnace work at full load, thus boosts the output of steel.
3) The transportation and tilting of the charger vehicle eliminate the contradiction which the original hanging chuck impacts on the space of the dedusting system, thus contributing to the dust collection.
4)Remote control operation of equipment is helpful for simple and convenient operation on site.
3.Main technological innovation points
1)The vehicle hopper tilting is driven by double hydraulic cylinder, which has large driving force and stable operation
2)Hydraulic components are concentrated in the design of the rear part of the device,keep away from heat source,and increase the reliability of equipment operation.
3)Using remote electrical control which can achieve shut down and emergency power off freely.
4)Small equipment volume,save space,convenient operation,flexible application.
   5)The hopper is made of cambered pressed-steel plate wholly,increases the strength and reduces the resistance of scrap steel while tipping over (the traditional hopper is made of welded steel plate, but the disadvantage is that too much welding seam reduces the strength and the welding stress causes large deformation, and too much welding seam increases the resistance of scrap steel while tipping over).
6)The cable collecting device running simultaneously with vehicle(avoid damage caused by dragging power line on the ground while vehicle moving) is added at the end of the vehicle.
7)The weight balancing device, improves the efficiency of hopper tipping (helps to make full use of the lever principle, increases tipping force).
8)Greaten the hydraulic station with protective cover specially, enhances the cooling effect, runs easily in high temperature environment for a long time.
4,Main structure
1) Vehicle frame
It is formed by welding of profile steel and steel plates,which plays the role of supporting vehicle hopper, installing hydraulic station, electric control system and counterweight.
2)Vehicle hopper
It is formed by welding of profile steel and steel plates,which is used for loading the scrap steel.
3) Driving and trailing wheel assembly
The driving wheel assembly is made up of motor, reducer, gear and wheel assembly, driving the trailing wheel to run at a certain speed.
4) Cable reel
It is installed under the vehicle frame, and it plays the role of rolling up and disentangling the cable while driving the furnace charger vehicle.
5) Hydraulic circuit system
It is composed of hydraulic station, oil pump motor, air filter, oil return filter, valve block and oil pipe, which plays the role of supplying pressure and driving cylinder to tilt.
6) Electric control system      
Keep away from heat source, remote control with remote control function, automatic stop pump and pressure relief, start runing smoothly and ensure operation safety.                                       
5,Main technical parameters(Maybe changed after exactly design)
1)Loading of vehicle hopper:≤3Tons
2)Tilting Angle range:0°~28°
3)Tilting cylinder stroke:0~730mm
5)Tilting force:0~10Tons
6)System pressure:0~16MPa
7)Driving motor power:1.5KW×2 sets
8)Moving speed:20m/min
9)Space between tracks:1300mm
Hydraulic Feeder
Hydraulic Feeder
Hydraulic Feeder