IE Series Fully-Automatic Powder Compacting Press

IE Series Fully-Automatic Powder Compacting Press

General Description

IE series with mold-release fixed position are suitable for thin materials, with less periodic working course compared with S series. It can reach high speed. The die set is the standard equipment. If with small gear, bearings, MQ products, soft magnetism ferrites products, it can be used as good performance press. The die set is designed as up one and down three sections

Causes of Premature Wear on Punches and Dies:

1. Improper alignment of the punch and die: Misalignment causes the punch to shear into the die, making it appear naturally worn. If a punch shows wear on one side only, the cause is usually improper alignment
2. Excessive stripping force: Insufficent clearance between the punch and die can drastically increase stripping force. Proper clearance results in a stripping force of approximately 20% of punching force. Insufficient clearance can increase stripping up to 30%. Since wear is typically proportional to applied force, proper clearance greatly extends tool life.

3. Nibbling: Nibbling while using a standard punch causes the punch to be thrust sideways and shear into the die. When nibbling or notching, a punch that has a guide heel should be used to avoid sideways thrust...

4. Hard and/or abrasive materials: Standard punches usually are subject to premature wear on extremely hard or abrasive materials. A better grade of tool steel, such as high-speed steel, should be used if at all possible. Cutting or die lubricant is highly recommended in these applications.
5. Tapered parts: Punching a tapered part without using dies with a proper bevel will cause excessive wear. For best results and extended tool life, a die that has been beveled to match the taper of the part should be used.

6. Soft, "gummy" materials: Soft materials such as copper and aluminum tend to gall and stick to the punch. Use of a lubricant will increase the life of the punch and die.

7. Sharpening punch and die too late: A punch and die should be sharpened when the sharp cutting edge can be restored after grinding. The number of holes punched before sharpening is needed varies greatly with the type and thickness of the material..

Max pressureKN1030100200400600
Max ejection forceKN  720 40 70 140   200
Max filling depthMM30 40   40  40  60  60
ejection strokeMM30 40 40 40 60 60 
keeps off abilityKN5  20  70  150  200  400
Upper punch strokeMM70 80 90 90 110 110 
feeder strokeMM 70 80 100 100 150 150 
less or over fillingMM Op  Op  Op  Op  Op  Op
Strokes per minS/M15~6015~60 15~60 15~60 12~48 12~48 
lubricationautomatic oil supply automatic oil supply automatic oil supply automatic oil supply automatic oil supply automatic oil supply 
power KW 0.4 0.75 2.2 3.7 7.5 11 
Air consumption NL/M 50 70 200 260 640 750 
Shift gears waytransducer   transducer  transducer  transducer  transducer  transducer
press height  MM  1620  1170  2400  3060  3100  3600
  Press width  MM  790  870  1500  1530  1600  1870
  press depth  MM  960  1120  14501700 1940 2170 
  weight  KG  800  900  2800  3500  6000  7500

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