Industrial IR Tunnel Dryer

TDP-70100 stencil dryer cabinet for screen coated with emulsion

Stencil dryer Fit for TMP-70100 screen printer

MAX PLATE SIZE(mm)900*1200800*10001100*14001400*1600
power(v/hz)380/50 or 20/50 380/50 or 220/50 380/50 or 20/50 380/50 or 20/50 
Heating pipe stainless steelstainless steelstainless steelstainless steel
Timer0.5~2 H0.5~2 H0.5~2 H0.5~2 H
machine size1500*1200*11001400*1100*11001400*1700*11001700*1900*1100
plywoodabout 3.1 CBMabout 2 CBMabout 4 CBMabout 4.2 CBM


Industrial IR Tunnel DryerIndustrial IR Tunnel DryerIndustrial IR Tunnel DryerIndustrial IR Tunnel Dryer

Applicable Scope and advantage 

Screen printing drying cabinet is applied to drying the screen plate. 
This drying cabinet inside installed axial flow fan makes the hot air in circulation, which guarantees an equal temp in cabinet and can improve drying efficiency meanwhile The axial flow fan can normally be used for about 20,000 hours. It usually takes 2~4 minutes to well dry the screens coated with the photosensitive emulsion 


1,Hot air circulation system ensure constant temperature, save energy, compared with traditional 7000~8000W drying cabinet, this equipment can save power 3%~4% . 
2,CNC control system ,make the operation easily. 
3,The specification could be made as customers requirement


1, turn on the power switch, indicator light.
2, adjust the required temperature.
3, the workpiece flat on the grid in the box, and then open the electric switch to meet the requirements, remove the product.
4, after drying the product, should cut off the power.


 1, according to the screen version of the temperature, the oven version of the maximum temperature can only reach 70 degrees to 100 degrees under normal circumstances, set the temperature of 65 degrees is appropriate.
2, the actual operation, due to room temperature and switch drawer and other factors, the instrument set the temperature and the actual instrument temperature may be 2-3 degrees difference, is a normal phenomenon, does not affect the machine.
3, the instrument used in a variety of machines in the power off and then re-use, the machine is still restored to the last time before the closure of the set
4, the reference data: the set temperature of 65C, the use of photosensitive paste single layer drying time For about 2 minutes, drying is not linked to the pulp slurry version of the time for about 1 minute.

Maintenance instructions:

1, the machine installation should be smooth, without shaking.
2, pumping out the grid should be flat pumping, and keep the grid clean.