Instant Noodle Automatic Pouch Dispenser

Instant Noodle Automatic Pouch Dispenser  (FS-ZTB-T)

the automatic pouch dispenser is used to  cut instant noodle seasoning/oil sachets in chain one by one , and dispense them onto the pillow packing machine accurately. It can also follow the conveyer's speed automatically, so as to dispense pouch onto the right place no matter how the speed changes.

2.Application range
Automatically cutting and dispensing for the pouches in chain of instant noodle seasoning sachets.

3. Advantage
--Easy to move on.
--It can be hung back and forth to facilitate material changing.
--Accurate blanking and cutting
--Easy operation
--The external detection and on-line signal are available for synchronous operation with the packaging machine
--Touch screen intelligent buttons and mechanical buttons are equipped at the same time to facilitate operation
--High - level configuration to achieve high - speed operation stability of the dispenser.

4.Main specifications

Model:FS-ZTB-TAutomatic Pouch Dispenser
Power source(V/KW)200-220VAC  800W
Single phase50HZ/60HZ
Pouch dimension application rangeL:20-150mm  W:15-100mm
Maximum speed0-200 pouch/min
Machine Size640 (L)×678 (W)×1520(H)mm)
Cutting precision±1.0mm

5.Main electrical configuration

Machine Frame / shellSUS304
Servo motor
Servo driverDelta/TaiWan
servo motorDelta/TaiWan
Servo driverDelta/TaiWan
 Feeding MotorZhongda
Touch screenWenview/ Taiwan
ultrasonic sensorTHE SENSOR /Germany LEUZE
Photoelectric switch
Photoelectric switch
Close switchOmron

6.FS-ZTB-T Two Servo Automatic Pouch Dispenser picture
Instant Noodle Automatic Pouch Dispenser

7.Why choose us
1.Specilize in manufacturing automatic pouch dispenser and pouch loader.
2.9 years manufacture experience,strong R&D department with a couple of utility model patents.
3. Bring in the electrical configuration, PLC and working procedures of OMRON, and develop on this basis according to customers' requirement.
4.OEM,ODM and customized service. 
5.CE,ISO and SGS certificates.

Instant Noodle Automatic Pouch Dispenser
9.Factory show(office)
Instant Noodle Automatic Pouch Dispenser

10.Factory show( workshop)

Instant Noodle Automatic Pouch Dispenser
11. FAQ:

How to choose the suitable automatic pouch dispenser?
There are many kinds of automatic pouch dispenser on the market. The prices range is from usd2000 to usd15000. So how to choose the suitable dispenser? This problem should confuse many customers. Here is an analysis of how to choose the dispenser, which is roughly classified as follows:

(1).Automatic pouch dispenser for instant noodle seasoning pouch:
It is suitable for instant noodle oil pouch, powder pouch, sauce pouch and vegetable pouch. The pouches can be dispensed onto the packing line at high speed automatically. It can also be used in other industries such as daily chemical industry. The seasoning pouches are folded in the basket, which can be connected end to end, and does not need to stop the packing line. The packing line require fast speed and high accuracy, normally it's equipped with  double servo  motor and Germany ultrasonic sensor. It needs professional instant noodle dispenser manufacturers to produce. (most of the instant noodle  pouches are three-side sealing type.)


(2).Food deoxidizer pouch dispenser:
It is mainly used to put deoxidizer pouch in the food processing process. Generally, the speed is not high, and the feeding is in the form of a scroll. The production line needs to be shut down when replacing the rolls. The production line speed is not fast, usually within 70 pouches per minute. This type of machine is relatively simple and the price is not high. (most of the deoxidizer pouches are three-side sealing type.)

(3).Desiccant pouch dispenser for medicine blister package:
this kind of dispenser is used to dispense the desiccant pouch onto the medical blister package. It requires      high precision and speed, usually with double servo motors. (most of the desiccant pouches are three-side sealing type)


(4). Desiccant pouch dispenser for medicine bottle package:
This kind of desiccant is usually small in size and requires high precision, and most of the products are back sealed packaging. It needs to use belt pulling structure, usually with double servo motors. The machine structure is more complex, and the cost is high. (The desiccant pouches are back sealing type)


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