Jbz-B Full Automatic Double-Side Paper Cup Forming Machine

Jbz-B Full Automatic Double-Side Paper Cup Forming Machine

      ML-12A Double-side Film Paper Cup Forming Machine is a multi-station automatic machine. By using  a serious of processes :automatic paper feeding, sealing, oil charing, bottom punching, heating, knurling, hemming, curling, unloading etc., to make paper drink cups, ice cream cups or cone-shaped cups.
Jbz-B Full Automatic Double-Side Paper Cup Forming Machine

Technical Parameter: 

Plate size 3-12 ounce 
Raw material150-380g/m2 single PE coated paper
Rated productivity45-55pcs/min
power220V/ 50HZ 380V/50HZ
Total power6KW

After-sale service:

1. Quality is the basis of survival, service is the road of development, our after-sales service in a timely manner, excellent quality, warranty period of one year.
2. After the equipment is out of the factory, our company will send professional technicians to install and debug it, and produce the qualified products with satisfactory customer satisfaction. The product will be guaranteed for one year and provide life-long technical support.

(late service: the company set up a professional technical staff, tour around the country, the regular customer visit, timely with customers to solve new problems. The use of emerging and collaborative customer sales plan. To allow customers to buy the rest assured, with a comfortable is our pursuit.)

For special specification productions, please send us your samples.