Jqh50*12 Air Winch Tugger with Hand Brake Auto Brake 50kn

Benefits & Features

* Compact design with easy mobility
*Designed for easy and safe operation
*High durability for applications in harsh environments
*Resistant to overheating damage and at overload capacity
*Continuous operation at full load
*Large drum diameter to prolong rope life
*Marine grade paint for harsh environment

Worldclass Quality, Outstanding Performance

*Poppet / spool valve construction to eliminate air leakages

*Reverse rotation available. Valve handle operation allows free handling of the load as air flows into the control valve

*Built-in radial piston air motor

*Ball / roller bearings minimize friction

*Set-up reduction ratio works on rope pull and line speed

*Claw clutch mechanism allows safe, accurate handling in locked ON/OFF positions

*Automatic or manual brake

*Use sealed ball bearings to prevent oil leakage

*Self closing throttle valve shuts off automatically when released


ItemsParametersMeasurement  Unit
Rated Working Pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Rated Pull Force50KN
Rated Cable Speed12m/min
Piston Air Motor ModelTMH17-----
Piston Air Motor Rated Power17kW
Piston Air Motor Air Consumption247L/S
Drum Diameter222mm
Drum Width335mm
Drum Wheel Diameter465mm
Cable Diameter15.875mm
Cable Storage120m
Air Inlet Diameter1 1/4in

Jqh50*12 Air Winch Tugger with Hand Brake Auto Brake 50kn