KW-510 Two-Component Polyurethane Gasket Machine for Sealing

KW-510 Two-Component Polyurethane Gasket Machine for Sealing

KW-510 is widely applied for car, cabinet/box, air filter, air-conditioning puring equipment, packing, electrical element, light, new energy, etc.

Material: PU
Working table:2000*1000mm(L*W)
Mixing head: KW-700
Finished gasket width 6-30mm.

KW-510 Two-Component Polyurethane Gasket Machine for Sealing


Overall space 3700X3300X2100mm (L*W*H)
Working effective stroke2200X1250X200mm (X*Y*Z)
Weight1700 KGS
Chemical materialNamePolyurethane
Components2 Components (A+B)
System/operationOperating systemWin 7/10
Operating methodKeyboard/ Buttons
Mixing headModelKW-700
Gasket width6-30mm
Clean methodHigh pressure water clean+ air-blow cleaning
Mixing ratio(A:B)1∶1-10∶1
Output1-4 g/s
Repeated position precision±0.05mm
Air pressure6-8 bar
Mechanical frameType3-aix linear mechanical arm
Storage tankTypeAir pressure tank
VolumeA Tank-40L  B Tank-40L
Automatic stirringA Tank: YES   B Tank: NO
Glue refillManual
Air refillAutomatic
Working tableMaterialAluminum profiles
Size2000X1000X900mm (L*W*H)
Electric powerVoltage3X380V ( It can  be designed base on customer request)
AirDry compressed air≥6bar
Water Clean tap water

Mixing and Dispensing:
KW-510 Two-Component Polyurethane Gasket Machine for Sealing

  • Mixing head model:KW-700
  • Dimension:410*200*135mm
  • Weight:4.6KG
  • Colour:  Silver
  • Output:1-4g/s
  • Repeated glue output precision:1% (weight test)
  • Pressure control method: electromagnetic valve  


  1. High pressure water-cleaning and air-cleaning
  2. Modular light-weight structural design;
  3. High strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel structure;
  4. Multiple level glue injecting
  5. Stirring bar speed is adjustable,  special design makes glue mixing very even
  6. High pressure pinhole injecting valve to control water-cleaning
  7. Air-blow pinhole injecting valve to dry mixing head
  8. Stirring bar directional movement to control the nozzle locking function

Graphical editing mode 

1)  Auto Cad is built in the vertical computer;
2) USB port to transfer the Auto Cad drawing to the vertical computer;
3)  Gallery with standard pictures in the vertical computer;
4) Wireless Hand operator panel for teach in programming;

  Metering Pumps:
Germany Barmag metering pumps can assure the precision of glue feeding.

A feeding valveBarmag1-001-178731 setsingle inlet and outlet
B feeding valveBarmag1-001-17850.61 setsingle inlet and outlet

  Mechanical Frame:
Mechanical frame is including 3-axis steel welding mechanical arm, gear-rack, rail, servo motor, speed reducer, drag chain, steel base and others.
Steel welding frame can meet the demands of high strength and stability when the machine moves in high speed.   Besides, skewed tooth gear-rack
can improve the stability and precision of 3 axes, reduce the noise.
 Electrical control panel:
KW-510 Two-Component Polyurethane Gasket Machine for Sealing


  • KAWIEI ES SERIES control panel:1700*1000*400mm(H*W*D)
  • Material :mild carbon steel
  • Color: RAL9003  RAL2011
  • Elements brand:Schneider  Omron  Siemens and others

         Storage tank:     
KW-510 Two-Component Polyurethane Gasket Machine for Sealing

  • 1,Material:stainless steel
  • 2,Volume:  A-40L  B-40L
  • 3,Automatic high-low level alarm for A
  • 4,A tank is with automatic glue-stirring and air-refilling function
  • 5,A,B tank are with  impurity filter
  • 6,A tank with automatic air refilling and mixing function

      Working table:
KW-510 Two-Component Polyurethane Gasket Machine for Sealing


  • Dimensions:2000*1000*900mm(L*W*H)
  • Material:Aluminum profiles
  • Desk top:Grey wear-resisting cloth
  • Water and air-cleaning  stainless box
  • Control button box
  • Work-piece fixing stainless bars

Raw Material-PU

PU is a product of 2-component Polyurethane. It adopts FIPFG (foamed-in-place foam gasket) technology which can foam on the
workpiece directly. The finished product is a soft and elastic foamed gasket. This gasket is made from component A and component
B. Component A is mainly polybasic alcohol, Component B is a hardener-isocyanate. After mixing A and B according to a certain
proportion and completely foaming, the mixture will become a soft foamed sealing strip.

KW-510 Two-Component Polyurethane Gasket Machine for Sealing

• Mixing time: time for mixing component A and component B
• Reaction time: time for the mixture to react( about15-60 seconds after mixing)
• Foam time: time from reaction to finish (about 15-180 seconds)
• Dry time: time for no viscosity on the suface, and no damage with touch under room temperature 25 ºC(about 2-20 minitues later)
• Available time:time for the availability of gasket to be pressed or assembled (about 20 minitues-12 hours later)

KW-510 Two-Component Polyurethane Gasket Machine for Sealing
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