Large F1000 Mud Pump Piston

Mud Pump Piston

Our pistons are strictly manufactured according to API Standard, which with a high performance in various well drilling environment. The hub is forged from high quality steel, and the piston rubber is made from specially formulated compounds which are of heat, oil and water resistance. It is interchangeable with all other API standard designed pistons.

We supplys pistons of all types and compositions designed for various types of drilling applications.Our pistons are made using high quality materials with unique properties for all applications.All pistons are designed to provide consistent run times, minimize downtime and reduce maintenance.Along with our bonded pistons, we also offer replaceable piston cups and piston kits which include the snap-ring and plate.

 product name

Urethane bonded piston

 MaterialNBR, Urethane rubber
 Length of use400-600h
 applicationwater-based drilling fluids

Large F1000 Mud Pump Piston

Product Parameters
Pistons are available for the following Mud Pump
Gardner DenverPAHP7P8/9P10/11PXLPX-11PZLPY-FXD
NOTEDue to variation of pump models, each owner is recommended to offer the piston PART NUMBER of the original pumps

Features, Advantages and Benefits:

This piston is the best choice for oil-based and synthetic drilling fluids.

The piston is bonded to the hub for optimal strength and extrusion resistance.

The improved seal design centers the piston and promotes longer piston life with reduced liner wear.

The cut-back hub protects the liner from damage.

The dual-durometer elastomeric compound resists extrusion while ensuring a tight seal and improved wiping action.

The piston comes complete with a hub O-ring and sleeve.

Company profile

Hebel Xinhuafa Petroleum Machinery Co. LTD was established in 2006,with 5000m2 plant.The company focuses on R&D of mud pump fittings and several R&D results were horned with awards as well as patented for invention. The company is engaged in product design, manufacturing and service on all the quality oilfield replacement parts, including mud pump fluid end parts including Fluid end modules, liners, pistons, valves,&seats, extension rods, piston rods, valve covers etc. 
The company holds a professional technical team and is equipped with advanced machineries,improving the technical skills and updating product quality,
Our products are certified by ISO9001 quality control. We supply products not only our oilfields company of domestic, but also dozens of countries all over the world, such as USA, Canada, Indonesia and Iran. With several years' persistence, we are widely accepted as a professional supplier of high quality mud pump cylinder liners and other parts in fluid end modules.

Large F1000 Mud Pump Piston
Large F1000 Mud Pump Piston

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Large F1000 Mud Pump Piston