Large Filter Area Continuous Screen Changer for Plastic Extrusion Machine/Extruder


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Product Description


Large filter area continuous screen changer for plastic extrusion machine

This GM-DP-L series Double piston large filter area continuous screen changer for plastic extrusion machine is consist of

  • The main body of the screen changer
  •  Hydraulic unit 
  • Electrical controlling pack(this part is optional choice by customers, the above picture shows two kind of controll system)
This GM-DP-L series  Large filter area continuous screen changer for plastic extrusion machine  is designed based on GM-DP-R series dual rods continuous screen changer ,  this kind of  continuous screen changer  enlarge the filtration area by  instead  the round breaker plates as the rods full of holes, and the filter screen is wrapped on the rods full of holes. And this kind of continuous screen changer now is widely used for the hot melt adhesive, high output plastic recycling machine.
So the filtration area of the GM-DP-L series screen changer   is much more larger than the GM-DP-R series continuous screen changer, it meets the high yield device requirements.


  After successful trials atJiangsu Province,an ABS recycling factory, we have installed two sets of this GM-DP-L series large filtration area continuous screen changer on the ABS recycling machine  .Through the filtration process, The ABS flakes can be processed at a throughput rate of 1100kg/h. And during the screen change process, the strands do not interrupted . and there are no bubbles in the final granules That is to say, this kind of large capacity screen changer can meet the high output recycling extrusion machine and can realize the continuous production without interruption


Characteristics of  GM-DP-L series large filtration area continuous screenc hanger for plastic extrusion machine 

  • The filter screen is wrapped on each slide bearing bars  full of small holes-the same function as the breaker plates
  • "Continuous type" means operation of screen change without machine halt or disruption of melt flow.
  • Equiped with air venting system
  • Fit for almost all kinds of polymers
  • It works well under the high pressure 400bar(40Mpa) not impact the high performance.
  • The filtration screen area covers from 400cm² to 2500cm², depending on the size, fit for output range from 100kg/h to 4800kg/h.
    Product show 
    Large Filter Area Continuous Screen Changer for Plastic Extrusion Machine/Extruder
    Large Filter Area Continuous Screen Changer for Plastic Extrusion Machine/Extruder


    Benifits of this kind of double piston type continuous screen changer with large capacity for plastic extruder

    • Continuous operation
    • Leak-free mold of operation
    • Large filtration area meet the high output extrusion machine
    • Customized design adapters
    • venting groove discharge the gas mixed in the polymer melt
    • Simply controll by a easy operated control handle
    • Reasonable price and proved technology

    Main application fields

    • Especial for the high yield device
    • Sheet (Foam/Strapping/Plastic cardboard)
    • Coating (Hot melt adhesive)
    • Pipe ( Corrugated/Gas Pipe) and profile
    • Compounding (Master batch/filler)
    • Wire and cable extrusion
    • Tubing (Medical/Industrial/Irrigation)
    • Fibers ( Monofilament/non-woven fabrics)
    • Pelletizing (strands and water-ring pelletizing)
    • Recycling of most polymers
    Application cases show
    Large Filter Area Continuous Screen Changer for Plastic Extrusion Machine/Extruder



    The screen changer types and parameter


    Screen D&A

    O verall dimension

    Heating power

    S creen diamension
       L*W      (mm)
    Filtration area
    G M -DP-L-100251x80200x22202003208103.5/4.7450-1200
    G M -DP-L-120314x100314x22502203609705.0/7.2800-1800
    GM -DP-L-155408x130530x232027045011008.2/11.11000-2600
    G M -DP-L-175471x180846x237031048013209.4/12.72300-4400
    G M -DP-L-195533x1901012x2400380550147010.2/13.82900-6000
    G M -DP-L-220596x2001192x2440410590162013/17.53900-10000
    Remark: The output rates depend on the individual  extrusion  process parameters.

    OEM service

    We are a professional manufacturer of plastic extrusion screen changer and melt gear pump, the type ranges manual screen changer, hydraulic screen changer, backflush screen changer, and automatic screen changer, and we can offer OEM service, we provide high quality of products with reasonable price, both the direct buyer or agent are welcome.

    Large Filter Area Continuous Screen Changer for Plastic Extrusion Machine/Extruder

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    Large Filter Area Continuous Screen Changer for Plastic Extrusion Machine/Extruder

    Tips for customers

    How to choose a most suitable type of screen changer for your extrusion line ?

    After the equipment supplier making a size recommendation and then you should perform your own analysis to confirm appropriate sizing. That way, you will have the advantage of independent analyses and, best of all, there is no additional cost.
    Learn the difference between price and cost. Be sure to take into consideration all of the variables and look at all the factors to determine the real cost of ownership for the screen changer. Some of the hidden variables to consider may be:
    Product quality.
    Maintenance, time and cost of parts.
    Process downtime and cost.
    Life expectancy for the equipment and amortized cost of ownership.
    Cost and availability of filtration media.
    Pressure loss and effect on line output and product quality.
    Operator safety.
    Required operator intervention and labor cost.
    If all of these and other factors are taken into consideration, you can choose the most suitable solution, and then you can expect a much better return on investment.




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