Liquid Oxygen Cylinder

The crogenic liquid cylinders we produced adopted the advanced techniques and the whole production process is under the strict quality-guarantee control systerm. It can be applied to store, transport the cryogenic liquefied gas products(liquefied oxygen, liquid argon, liquid nitrogen, liquid natural gas, liquid CO2, etc),and it can automatically provide continous gases.

1. Mainly used in storage and transportation of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, and liquefied natural gas
2. Adopted high multi-layer insulation method to ensure the low evaporation rate.
3. Inner vaporizer provides a 10Nm3/h stable continuous gas.
4. Solar installation use in the priority of gas-pressure and gas space.
5. Adopt the international CGA standard tie-in and all the valves installed imported from USA(Rego)
6. Unique design of damping ring meets the needs of frequent transportation.

Nominal volume(L)175175195195210210210
Effective capacity(L)160160177177191191191
Working pressure (Mpa)1.372.31.372.31.372.33.0
Safety valve open pressure(Mpa)1.592.411.592.411.592.413.45
Bursting disk open pressure(Mpa)2.413.62.413.62.413.65.17
Evaporation rate(Lin)(%/d)<2.1<2.1<2.0<2.0<2.0<2.0<2.0
Empty weight(kg)≈130≈142≈133≈152≈131≈165≈165

Max filling weight
Level gaugeFloating levelFloating levelFloating levelFloating levelFloating levelFloating levelFloating level
Surface treatmentpolishpolishpolishpolishpolishpolishpolish
Base typeRubber baseRubber baseRubber baseRubber baseRubber baseRubber baseRubber base

7. Suitable for electronics, research, chemical industry, welding, and LNG supply industries.
Liquid Oxygen Cylinder

Liquid Oxygen Cylinder