Low Temperature Sludge Dryer Industrial Sludge Drying Hollow Paddle Dryer

Product Description:
The product adopts a belt type of closed cabinet dehumidification heat pump drying. There is no need for additional energy (steam, thermal-conduction oil and hot-blast air), as well as no need for treatment system for tail gas. 

The system can further reduce the water content to 10-30% adjustable as you wish.
Volume reduction is over 90%, saving your cost on sludge transfer fees

Product Structure
The system makes use of the dehumidification heat pump to carry out the sludge through hot-air recycling, condensing, dehumidifying and drying. The evaporation of the sludge moisture produces latent heat. And the condensation of vapor on the heat pump requires latent heat as well. Both processes of latent heat is equal according to the law of conservation of energy. As a result, the drying process does not require additional heat capacity. The energy consumed during the process is the electricity for the input to compressor, fan, and motor.
Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying System
Working principle

Heat pump utilizes refrigeration system to cool and dehumidify hot and wet air, in the meantime, through the principle of heat pump, it recycles the latent heat released from steam congealing to water liquid. Heat pump = Dehumidification (moist dehumidifying) + heat pump (energy recycling). It can collect all the latent heat and sensible heat during air exhaust, bringing no waste heat to the outside.
Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying System
Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying System

System features
Zero discharge, zero pollution
The whole equipment adopts closed running design, no odor out, no need to add expensive odor removal system. COD level of cooling water is low, easy to dispose.
100% Heat Usage
The closed running design combines with heat pump heat recycling technology, no heat loss, more efficient and more advanced.
Low operation cost
Adopting four-effect equipment, effectively reduce the operation cost, drying 83% water content wet sludge to 30%, the operation cost is low to 180kw.h/T.
Safe without raising dust
All closed low temperature 40~75ºC running, dust density<60g/m³, oxygen<12%, no risk of raising dust and explosion. The outlet sludge temperature is below 50ºC, no need for cooling.
Durable and long services
High-grade anti-corrosion materials, no wearing parts and no wearing during operation. Services lifespan is up to 15 years.
Effective sterilization is more than 90% 
Pasteur sterilization technology, during drying, Escherichia coli can be killed over 90%.

Compare with traditional dryers

NameRotary drumRotary bladeThin layer evaporatorPaddle BladeLow Temperature
Drying Temp.200-300oC≥150oC≥150oC≥150oC40-75oC
Heat supplyHot air, gasSteam, Heat conducting oilSteamSteam, Heat conducting oilHeat pump
Dust contentExtremely HighHighHighLittle highNo
SafetyHigh operating temperatureHigh operating temperatureHigh operating temperatureHigh operating temperatureLow
Exhaust SystemComplexOdor removal system requiredOdor removal system requiredOdor removal system requiredNo
Mechanical frictionLargeLargeLargeLargeNo
Heat Consumption KJ/kg water3400280023002800No need
Electricity consumption KWh/kg water0.070.050.0530.040.25

Application in various industry
Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying System

Company Profile
Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying System
Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying System
Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying System

Packing & Delivery
The normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated. If container is too tigher, we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.
Delivery time: 3~45 days after confirming order,  the detailed delivery date should be decided by the production season and order quantity.
Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying System
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- Design for Dewatering Applications
- R&D Cooperation with Tsinghua University
- Superior Raw Materials
- Laser cutting adopts Trumpf technology and the anti-corrosion materials adopt Starck technology
- First professional screw press production line in China